Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ever notice how the door donkeys are the first to board and the last to get off?

Hi CJ. I recently came across your This Crazy Train blog and love what you're doing. I thought I would share this picture of a group of "door donkeys"...

Jan 29 10:08am
... that travel the 4:10 LSE train. People boarding the train have to carefully maneuver themselves through the doors every night but clearly they don't ...

Jan 29 10:08am
.. care. Worst thing is that these jack***es don't even get off on the first stop..I think Oshawa or Whitby is their stop. I would love to see you post...

Jan 29 10:08am
this picture so they can see people are noticing. .. probably won't change their behaviour either. Keep up the great work CJ.....Kim

Jan 29 10:08am

Jan 29 10:08am

Hi Kim
How did you take these photos without drawing attention to yourself? Did you stop before the stairwell?
I've had door donkeys attack me in the past for calling out this behaviour. I just need to determine this isnt a setup

Jan 29 10:12am
Hi CJ.. I just stood against the opposite door and pretended to be playing around with my phone. . Had to make sure I turned off the flash though. Worked...

Jan 29 10:16am
great... I've been taking the train for over 15 years now and cannot believe how much ruder and inconsiderate people have become. Love your blog!!

Jan 29 10:16am
I feel bad for asking but I have to. Credibility is important and well, you have it because that's how I would have approached a maneuver to snap off a few

Jan 29 10:22am
No problem. .I understand. Hopefully 'outing' these people will have an impact. I know... wishful thinking.

Jan 29 10:24am
I wil post. The site is dry as a desert despite tons of footrider submissions which I grow bored of real quick. I really appreciate that you took the time to document what many find is an annoying practice.

***NOTE TO SOME FOLKS WHO WILL READ THIS AND THROW SOME SIDE EYE AT ME: Please continue to submit photos of footriders. I put them into a folder and whip them out when I'm raging. They are also being collected for a side project. Please don't feel I don't appreciate your pictures, but this site can't all be about footriders, footriders and footriders. 

Jan 29 10:24am
I like to feel the same. I convince myself all the time nobody is reading the site which is how I psyche myself up to be bold and just throw pictures up. However the metrics I get and the emails/texts I get tell a different story LOL This is why I drink.

Jan 29 10:25am


MATT said...

For anyone like myself with a Blackberry Z10 or Q10, you can download an app called TapCam Silent, which will take pictures without the audible shutter sound. It's an alternative to the "dial a phone number/switch to camera/snap the photo" method. I've used it for foot/bag riders in the past without being noticed.

Anonymous said...

I was just about to throw you some serious shade until I read your note. I've noticed you've never published any of my pics.

C.J. Smith said...

I swear it's not personal.

mike f. said...

If yo have a Samsung phone or tablet, unplug your headphones and turn the main volume down to silent or put it on silent and take the pic - no shutter sound. Flash you will have to turn off using the settings for the camera app

Anonymous said...

did you call GO about the text alert issue?

C.J. Smith said...

No. Not yet ... when I can find the hour to spend on the phone with a rep, I plan on following up. Friday is shaping up to be a good day.

Anonymous said...

I admit I was a door donkey,(past tense) I don't do it anymore and do feel bad that I did. I guess I justified it because I have to get my daughter to her sports at 6pm a few nights a week, my train doesn't get in until 5:50, takes me over 10 minutes just to get out of the parking lot some days and the drive is a 10-15 drive to get to her practice. I know its not an excuse, and I don't do it anymore. I stopped when this woman practically knocked myself and a few other people over just trying to get up the stairs of the bridge at Whitby and realized how ignorant people can be, well guess trying to be first off by blocking the doors is just as bad. I am reformed lol.

George said...

I had a door donkey incident this morning at Union on the LSW, and I hope this young lady is reading this.

The dors open on both sides, south side forst. People cram the ends of the aisles waiting for the north side doors to open.
This "lady" was standing blocking the end of the aisle so I said excuse me and she replied that the door isn't open yet.
I told her I'm trying to get out the open door, not her doors. She huffed and then rolled her eyes and then moved so about a quarter of the aisle is now clear. She was blocking 5 or 6 others too by the way. Anyway I simply took the cue and turned sideways and barged through the miniscule opening she left. I am not a small person, but not huge either ;) All the others behind me did the same. What amazed me is that she didn't make any move to clear the aisle after I went through. She yelled something at someone, maybe me but I was out the door and heading for the stairwell by that time.

I refuse to tolerate door donkeys and I welcome the opportunity to barge through them. I'd mow down over those people in the picture without a second thought.