Friday, January 17, 2014

I hope someone spills coffee on you. Inspired by "Because it's Friday"

(Submitted by email)

Dear Idiot Lady On The GO Train That Spilled Coffee On Me This Morning:

I have no idea why on a crowded train you decided to get up before the train pulled into Union.  After all, don’t we all get off at the same stop?  Never the less, as you were getting up, the train came to an abrupt stop, and I got to wear your tepid coffee. It also felt so good to hear you say “I’m sorry” as you were laughing.  .  Nothing seems more forthright than a laughing apology.  You were probably waiting for me to say something like “it’s okay” or “don’t worry” rather than just look at you as though you were and idiot, still are for that matter.  Please forgive my silence, I was searching for the right expletive.

Luckily, writing this email into about it has been cathartic for me, and I am over it. Really I wish you no ill will…only that on your GO train ride back home tonight, that someone spills coffee on you, and that it is piping hot.  Don’t worry, if the pain is too much, I’m sure you’ll be rightly consoled when the person who spilled it on you gives you a laughing apology.


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