Monday, January 20, 2014

You don't need to sit here. Them bags are tired

Submitted via email

Hey CJ, came across this lovely couple on the Barrie line today. This isn't the first time I've seen them do this either. By the way, the remainder of the car was full, yet not once did they attempt to move one of their bags.

- BF


Anonymous said...

This drives me nuts! Last week this woman has bags on both seats of her quad on the busy LSE 5:10, so I ask her if someone is sitting there, I'm not afraid to ask, So she says yes her friends are in the washroom. Ya both of them. Not! she was saving the seats, and proceeds to laugh when they arrive.
Then later in the week a young lady sat with her huge bag and coat taking up a whole seat in the accessable seating near the door of a packed train, more than a few people looked at her and not once did she offer to move her crap and offer them a seat. (I really wanted to get a picture for you)
The only time I ever put my stuff on a seat is for a second to quickly organize myself and get comfortable then I move it, quickly. Why do people wait for someone to ask them to move their bags?? it is just rude.

Squiggles said...

What people need to do is start putting their butt's down on the bags. If the ignoramuses complain, ask for proof of seat purchase for themselves and their bag. They will move it.

And, like above, I only use 2 seats if A) I am getting settled or B) it is the weekend and the train is empty. If it starts filling up, I move my stuff before I am asked to.

Sylv said...

Like most people, I do not relish confrontation. However, I would not hesitate to ask them to move their bags if the alternative was standing.

George said...

Anon you're too kind.

When I see a seat on a full train that's occupied by bags I simply ask them to move it. If they don't then I'll move it myself.

One time on the LSW I asked a woman to move her crap from two seats and she said she was saving them. I thanked her, moved the stuff from one seat and sat down.

I then immediately opened my eReader and ignored the clucking hens the whole way home.

The worst I have ever seen was a girl taking up the entire quad with luggage on a rush hour train. She told anyone that asked for a seat to f*** off. If I didn't already have one, I would have cleared a seat. I did however, make some extremely rude comments loud enough for her to hear.

Sylv said...

Oh, I had forgotten about this:

Several years ago I used to take the Georgetown train, and a few ladies would always save a seat for a friend who would either get on at Union or at Bloor. This time she was getting on at Bloor. I asked them to move the bag from the seat as it was the last seat available. They reluctantly moved it, saying they were saving it for a friend who just had surgery. I responded "oh, then one of you won't mind giving her your seat."

Hey, she's YOUR friend, not mine, right?

C.J. Smith said...