Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Did the cat come back? How about the next day?

I've just finished reading an email and a text from two different people (I am going to assume the messages are not from the same person) about an incident on the Kitchener line yesterday on the 5:45 pm GO train out of Union.

A woman had brought a cat on board in a carrier and part way through the trip, the cat allegedly ninja'd its way out of the carrier and took off. The cat then ran around the coach evading anyone trying to catch it and terrifying a few people who are scared of cats. One man allegedly kicked the cat (this made my blood boil but I'm reminding myself that there are people who do things out of fear) and one woman was scratched when she thought she had caught the cat.

Of course, NO ONE THOUGHT TO FILM THIS, so I don't know if it's true or not.

At Georgetown, the cat managed to bolt from the train when the doors opened. The woman with the carrier took off after it.

If you were on that train, I'd like to hear from you. I know people bring pets onto the trains, I've seen enough photos on Instagram of bunnies, dogs, ferrets and cats to prove it but my God, if you've got Houdini for a cat, maybe some plastic ties should be used if the cage bolt isn't strong enough.

I hope the woman was able to capture her cat. Poor kitty!


Bicky said...

Yeah. Frenzy. That'll help catch the cat.

Hope Kitty is okay.

Squiggles said...

My brother's cat ninja'd his way out of the carrier (was caught before he escaped though). Once. And then it was twist-tied shut on all future rides in the carrier.

I hope her cat came back.

Jules said...

I'd like to meet the cat that ninja'd a cat carrier open!
Poor kitty though, being on a train must have freaked it out.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think animals were allowed on the train, except for service dogs.

Why all the sympathy for this rule breaker? Certainly some people were scared from CJ's narrative?

C.J. Smith said...

Oh I'm pretty sure people were scarred for life after this episode. I have a friend who would have been totally traumatized as she's terrified of cats. It's my understanding cats are allowed as long as they are in a carrier. Some animals are better behaved than half the humans on board. This website is a testament to that.

Bicky said...

From the FAQs on the GO website:

May I bring my pet on the GO Train or GO Bus?
We allow animals on board our trains and buses when they are in enclosed, secure containers that do not inconvenience other passengers. Containers are not needed for seeing-eye, hearing-ear, or special-needs dogs required by passengers for independent travel.

And yes, some animals behave much better than humans!

Amberleaf said...

Honestly, I feel sorry for the cat. Who cares if its owner was breaking the rules? If it hasn't been found, it's on its own in a new place and the poor thing is probably terrified. Maybe the owner is an idiot, but the poor cat doesn't deserve to suffer.

C.J. Smith said...

^ Me too. :(
I never got an update. I don't know if the cat was rescued.

Kelly said...

I took my beagle to work on the GO a couple of times - no one said anything. I honestly had NO IDEA it wasn't allowed... oops. She is super cute but she barked when the doors opened at stops... sigh.