Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The whole bus needed a plug-in

The 90 GO bus was unusually packed last night for those of us who rolled off the 4:53 UNION to OSHAWA train. I no longer sit upstairs of any double decker bus so I stayed seated on the main floor, sandwiched in by a lot of ass and the aroma of dried pee.

It was gag-inducing. The stench would come and go. At one point, I couldn't take it anymore and I stood up and made my way to a pole. The smell was even worse as I moved towards the staircase. Glancing around, I could tell by the expressions of others I wasn't the only one breathing in Eau du Urine. 

Then suddenly, after we passed the city limits of Oshawa, and this guy holding a hockey helmet and hefting a hockey bag exited the bus, the smell gradually dissipated. By the time we reached Courtice, it was long gone. 

Oh man. I have no idea if he could smell his gear but he needs to wash the helmet and burn the hockey bag.


Ali Gator said...

The driver should have told the dude to put his equipment in the cargo closet in the back of the bus.

Squiggles said...

I have been on a few buses in Toronto and Calgary where the driver asked people to disembark once they became aware of the smell. All because someone shat themselves.

That is what needed to have happened in the situation described above.

Or someone to school buddy with hockey bag that it is possible to pee in a toilet and not his pads.

C.J. Smith said...

I don't think the driver was aware or could smell it.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it was hockey stuff in the bag?!!! Dun dun dunnnnnnn....

Anonymous said...

Don't leave home without a spray can of Febreze.

Valentino Assenza said...

Yeah, the body odour issue is a touchy one. For me I'm not allergic or anything, but i have a very sensitive sense of smell and what bothers me more than anything is guys who bathe in cologne and women who douse themselves in perfume as if they were spraying Raid to try and kill off bugs. Instead it's humans like myself that are that much closer to collapsing. I tell you sometimes it's just damn unbearable.

On the 501 Streetcar almost inevitably there will be a homeless person getting on. Sometimes their body odors are really bad, but I have to have some sensitivity to it. A shower for these cats would be like winning the lottery.

But yes if you ride public transit and you have the means, you should do all of your body maintenance before coming onto the vehicle. Shower, sh*t, shave, make-up etc.

Also let me share something else that's rather irksome: When someone let's a really stinky silent fart go, and it floods a section of the streetcar, because I am a bigger guy all of a sudden I see eyes glancing at me....when it wasn't me! Who the hell would have the stones to share something so foul with the commuting public anyway?

My other pet peeve is of course the people that save their left over body maintenance for the ride, I'm sure we all love sitting next to someone clipping their nails....but I digress....that is an entirely different discussion.

Anonymous said...

Is there no cargo storage underneath the double deckers?

Subliminal said...

There is no underneath because they are double deckers.
Its like living in a two level sub-basement.
The Scottish are tall people. I can't imagine what they were thinking building these buses, unless they were just planning to sell them to the Irish.
Personally I would prefer to see a longer bus, than a taller one that is two level, for the Canadian market.

Bicky said...