Friday, September 19, 2014

Sympathizing is how we got into this mess

My diehard followers will surely roll their eyes at this post and mutter, "Not this shit again," but unfortunately I have to address it - again.

For those who are new, brought here by a retweet or link or Facebook post, or Google search, please don't write me any more impassioned emails demanding I apologize to my new BFF, Brit.

Do not lump Brit into the horror stories we've learned about in the past few years about children committing suicide due to sexual exploitation on social media by their peers, or being subjected to cyber bullying. Brit is not being bullied here.

I am not exploiting a child. I don't even know how old this person is. But I don't think she is under 18.

I have not revealed any personal information about Brit other than an email address she used that isn't legit. I did not reveal her alleged last name or post a phone number. I can't even point anyone to her photo because I don't know who she is.

Brit won't help me so why should I help her?

For all I know Brit could be fake, a ruse set up by some stranger who simply doesn't like me and wanted to rattle my cage.  Or she could be very real and if she is, then she's learned a tough lesson that you can't bully people into giving you want you want.

Because really, who is the bully here? Not me.


Squiggles said...

Well, "not this shit" but a "seriously people have done that"???!?!?1?!?!?!?

In all reality, Princess Brit has not helped her cause. She never actually pointed out which picture started her illiterate rants. Just jumped right on into the "dad lawyer" schtick.

While funny, she brought this upon herself and only has herself to blame.

And for the bully comment. Well, that has become a new buzz word. Something that has been thrown around too many times by people who do not get their way. Yes, there are legitimate bullies and legitimate consequences from bullying, but this is not that situation. Take it from someone who was bullied.

C.J. Smith said...

^ Same here.

People like Brit *are* the bully. Not the other way around.

I generally refrain from posting the hate mail but she really got under my skin.

She's stopped trying to contact me. I think she's realized this is a losing battle. Until she points out the photo and asks me in a courteous manner to take it off the site, nothing changes.

Anonymous said...

watch her be back soon

Dan-1 said...

You want some advice Brit? Smarten up, get a clue, and zip that foul mouth. The more you keep harassing CJ for highlighting your own stupid behaviour, the more you'll get ridiculed by everyone and make a bigger idiot of yourself.

Now that we know who you are by the post in question coming to light, nobody would want to have a disrespectful entitled pot smoker like you as a passenger sitting next to them. Plain and simple. The sooner you realize this fact and change your behaviour, the better your chances are at succeeding in life without making yourself look like a tool to everyone around you.