Thursday, September 4, 2014

Less than a month til the Broke Presto card contest closes!

I haven't counted but it's around 30 entries, excluding what's been tweeted to me.
Either I don't have enough reach (I'm going with that) or people dislike steak or coffee, or I don't have enough minions to promote the contest beyond the GTA (I'm going with that, too) but I had hoped for 100 entries.

Regardless, PRESTO Card and the external relations department at Metrolinx battled myself and my posse over this back during the winter, discrediting our comments on Twitter that broken cards *are* a problem. Even more troubling is we still don't have an answer about what is warrantied. The card is warrantied against defects but no one would tell us what was considered a tangible defect.

I would think a card snapping in two, especially one kept in a card holder or wallet, would qualify for a replacement card at no charge. Out of all the entries I have received, every single one of these customers paid $6 for a new card, almost all had to re-add funds and wait more than two days to access funds tied to the broken card, and many were unable to have their loyalty steps transferred over. I helped a few with how to go about that but it's a painful process for some. I didn't have a problem but I think it's because of this website that it got handled as quickly as it did.

So if you have a broken PRESTO card or you know someone who does, have them enter it into the contest. 


Peter said...

It seems to me the incidence of broken cards reported on Twitter has tailed off since the weather turned warmer (relatively speaking) last spring. I wonder if the rate will increase, again, when winter is upon us.

Michael Suddard said...

@Peter: I wonder if this is a "slip and fall" Prestocard breaking incidences then. :)