Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Two strikes. There was no third. It was close. I thought I had to make that call for bail money

I know I haven't been writing much and mostly posting photos, and I know after a while that gets hella boring. I'm sorry.

By the way, the Toronto Star articles I've been posting have ads (as many of you have fearfully pointed out, clenching your sphincters in fear that I've sold out to the man). No one is paying me to advertise. In order to publish these articles of interest, and keep you on my site, I am choosing to republish them with ads so I don't have to pay for licensing.

It had been pretty quiet on the GO fuckery front. There was an incident last week I refrained from writing about because I've gained this small crowd (about five based on the IPs) of knives and pitchfork carrying GO bus operators, who, for some reason, have been led to believe I am anti-bus driver. I have no desire to defend myself because it's not true. 

I fell down the stairs on a GO double-decker bus while the bus was in motion. It has been my experience that most drivers don't allow passengers up top time to get down to the doors when they come to a stop, so you have to be ready to hurl yourself off before you arrive at the stop. This means negotiating the stairs while the bus is in motion, or standing on the main level. If you do stand on the main level, some drivers will bark at you to sit down or go upstairs (true story). This is where my newfound bus driving fans will fight me to the death. Like I'm supposed to be down at the main level well before my stop, and should come down when the bus is stopped at a previous stop (as one driver lectured me to do one night). That's bullshit and you all know it. 

90 is a rural route. The bus can drive for several stops without any need to stop. What needs to happen is some drivers should wait for those of us who were yelled at to sit upstairs to have enough time to negotiate those bloody steps, so we don't have to hurt ourselves when we get off.

I think I scared the shit out of my driver when he realized I had hurt myself. I was in tears. I was limping. I bashed my left knee. It took me some time to climb off the bus. The driver idled for several seconds after asking me if I was okay. I wasn't and I told him so. He seemed torn, but I wasn't prepared to take that bus out of service, so I waved him off. I did notice that for rest of the week, there was no double decker bus at that time, just a regular MCI.

I was sore for four days. I did a number on my knee and it hasn't been the same since. Those double deckers should be driven off a cliff. 

Strike one happened yesterday at Union while the train was boarding. I was in the throng of cattle the LSE crowd considers a line when it was my turn to step onto the train. This woman walking toward me pretended as if she didn't see me and stepped right in front of me and boarded. This caused me to step back in a bizarre two-step kind of dance to prevent myself from falling backward. I boarded and walked over to her and just stared at her. She looked at me and I shook my head at her. Don't act like you didn't know, girl. Please. 

Strike two happened when we arrived at Oshawa. There are signs, huge signs, warning passengers smoking is not allowed on the platform. This woman lights up a cigarette next to me, turns her head and blows smoke RIGHT IN MY FACE as we're walking towards the exit to the parking lot. WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?! I lost it. I made a huge scene. I gestured. I yelled. I totally lost my shit. I don't know who some of you smokers think you are but that's not acceptable. I feel bad for the smokers who do it right - who stand in the parking lot. 

My anger surprises me sometimes, especially when I'm dealing with stress and with STILL two houses in my name, I'm not managing it well. 

When I got on the bus I was practically daring someone to deliver a third strike. I have bail money.


Anonymous said...

About the smoke-in-the-face incident: I had a similar experience walking up Bay this morning with the rest of the herd. Of course there was the usual dodging of women holding their lit cigarettes by their side while waiving their hands around (I'm going to get a burn right in the groin some day from this). But then a guy next to me started puffing on his electronic cigarette and blowing it right in my face while we were stopped at a light. Don't get me wrong: an electronic cigarette is a million times better than regular smoke, but it still strikes me as rude to visibly exhale your nicotine-laced smoke into a stranger's face. Repeatedly.

C.J. Smith said...

It's rude. Don't care what you're smoking. It's rude.

Jules said...

I'm sorry you've had some rough times, I think given the circumstances it is understandable that you lost it on this rude individual. People astound me. Hoping that your house situation is resolved soon too...better days ahead CJ.

Squiggles said...

It is rude. I told some old geezer that yesterday evening: smoking on the Ajax bus platform. After getting a whole face full of smoke. Not going to change his behaviour with one instance. I know this, but maybe, just maybe, if called out enough, these people might be more aware of how their behaviour affects those around them.

Plus, I have been hit by the winging around of lit cigarettes. They hurt. Especially when brushed against the back of the hand.

CJ: Things will get better. It just takes time. And see a Dr. about the knee. Before you end up with years of pain and physio and all that "fun" stuff.

KM said...

Those double decker steps are incredibly dangerous!! I have feared for my life a few times...

Anonymous said...

I think it's the double Deckers that make drivers come across as surly and rude. Many hate them as much as you do. Worst purchase ever. Not ideal for GO considering the distance people travel. Dangerous at high speed and on ramps and in snow. Horrible head room on the second level and at the rear of the first level. I watched a man hit his head so hard on the back ceiling I was worried he gave himself a concussion. You should complain and demand an investigation. I am serious.

Bicky said...

Geeze, CJ, what a rough go of things. Can't believe how rude some people are these days.

I'm flying to Utah next month. Can't wait for what fresh Hell awaits me on a flying steel tube.

In the meantime, I have alcohol chillin' - come on over!

Anonymous said...

Stay downstairs, don't get the bus even.
Millions up millions of people around the world use them daily, stairs on Double Deckers, but no recal, they most be ok then

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with them, great vehicle, excellent on bends, though I do wonder about Hwy use.

C.J. Smith said...

Millions of people? Ok. Thanks. And yes. I'm avoiding the top level and so are passengers who suffer from vertigo. Millions of them.

C.J. Smith said...

Can't wait for the stories Bicky!

Nora1968 said...

Love when idiots choose to post poorly-worded comments (which, when you manage to wade through them, seem to be unusually nasty to the blogger), all under the helpful "Anonymous" moniker.

Ali Gator said...

re: "great vehicle, excellent on bends"

We're not discussing NASCAR here. Search for "Meet the Deckers". You'll see how great they are. Their only redeeming feature (over MCI's) is the accessibility ramp.

C.J. Smith said...

But Ali, millions of people use them don't you know! Millions!

Kind of like the million plus who use PRESTO cards. This means nothing can possibly be wrong with the product because over a MILLION cards are used.

Don't you get it?!

deepfish said...

Smoke in the face... My past and future.
I've not had interactions with the "Smokeville" GO Smoking Club for a few months now - what with summer vacation and access to a car.
But th ewife has started work, and I'm back at school, so as of Monday I'll be doing the nicotine minefield shuffle at least once a day.
From what I've seen on one or two occasions this summer, whatever gains that were made by my repeated calls for enforcement have been lost - the no smoking signs are back to being clubhouse markers.
Oh joy.

Ali Gator said...

LOL No I don't get it, CJ. I'm into my 4th summer of riding these monstrosities, and I hate them as much now as my first trip in June 2011. However, I've come to learn it's not just me. Remember the train trip our Premier took on the GO train to Burlington about a year ago? The then Minister of Transportation and the Premier didn't board any of the DD's that connect with trains there. I wish I'd written a story about that. ;-)