Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rob Ford transit plan slips online, features lots of subways

A document that appeared to be Rob Ford’s transit plan was made available on his website late Tuesday night, promoting lots of subways and questionable math. Ford revealed the plan at a news conference this morning. In the eight-page document, Ford says he would build two subway lines that city council rejected during his mayoralty in…


Anonymous said...

This plan by Mr Ford is a complete fraud and will never happen given that we don't want to pay for services.

Anyone who buys into this pitch are probably the same people who believe in investments that pay 50% per annum which most likely is a Ponzi scheme

Bicky said...

This is why nothing gets built (transit wise) in Toronto. Flip-floppin' like a fish on da dock.

Toronto has revenue tools through the City of Toronto Act, 2006. They should use them. Not rely on provincial and federal funding.

Joe Smith in Wawa, ON does NOT want to pay for a subway he'll never use!

Anonymous said...

File this under "irrelevant". Ford won't get in, none of these subways will be built. Next!

Valentino Assenza said...

It's quite clearly the "transit plan" of a man who doesn't know this city or doesn't use transit but somehow this city saw it fit to already elect him once, and a large percentage are wanting to re-elect him again.

This is Ford's way of pissing on the average Toronto citizen's leg and telling them that it's raining. His Scarborough Subway which he says is "getting built" is of the finest aromatic BS. There are no shovels in the ground, and the application hasn't even gone to the Federal government.

He further shows how out of touch with reality he is when he says he wants to bury the Eglington Crosstown LRT. Mayor Doofus says this so proudly, but does he not realize that they are well into contruction on the Crosstown? Does he not realize that the east end part of Eglington crosses the frickin' Don Valley and that he would have to tunnel under 300 feet? The alternative is to build a bridge, which doesn't make any sense considering the original plan was for above ground in the first place.

Finally the most delusional aspect of his plan, aside from getting the money from OZ, Never Never Land, or the sky, is he says that the red lines can be completed in his next term? If the Crosstown LRT is going to take until 2020 to be completed how does he expect us to believe the downtown relief lines are going to be built by the end of his next term? And what about completion dates for the other lines? Are we just supposed to assume that they will be built some time in the next eternity? Perhaps this will better serve the citizens of Toronto in 2089.

The only positive aspect of Ford's plan is that at least he has one. Outside of Tory and Ford the other candidates have failed to provide a tangible or defined transit plan. But Ford's plan is an insult to the average commuter in Toronto, and while it would have been a far cry to give that buffoon my vote in the first place, his "transit plan" certainly never sold me.