Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not a commuter story but totally blog-worthy

I am most certain this situation has happened to some of  you. In the building I'm in there are floors and floors of people who work for a certain money management fund who feel because they are the largest tenant, they can behave in a certain way. Rarely do any of them ever thank any of us lesser tenants if I, or my colleagues, hold a door open or push a button - so we all stopped bothering. Our office is moving and we can't wait!

And as a sidebar to the story below, this kind of rudeness is not necessarily gender-specific.

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This morning I got on the elevator in my building, the doors were closing and a woman carrying her purse and one of those wheelie carry-on briefcases was gunning for the door as they were closing.  I held the elevator door for her.  She didn't say thank you because she was on her phone. Instead, as the doors were closing, she turned to me and said "Seven," and went back to her conversation.   In the sense that she was asking or (ordering) me to press the button for the seventh floor for her.

I get off at the third floor, and was stunned and flabbergasted, so of course, I did not press seven, and I sincerely hope the elevator went all the way to the top or back down.

But yo!  What gives?  Is this what men are being reduced to?   How about "Can you please press seven?"

For women that say "chivalry is dead," let me say it's women like Ms.Elevator that kill it.

Anyway, I know all women are not like this.

I was just amazed…truly amazed.


Squiggles said...

Wow. Some sense of entitlement there. I will admit I get a little irritated with those people that charge the elevator doors to make the elevator and not wait for the next one, but I have never had someone request a floor like I was a bellhop.

I certainly do hope she rode up and down before having to push her own button. But then again, I also get a tiny thrill watching people miss their floors because they either forgot to push the button or was absorbed in their phone to such a degree that they ignored the stop or, most commonly, both.

Anonymous said...

Were you wearing a blazer and a peaked cap...?

Nora1968 said...

I love, LOVE that this gentleman (and he was) did NOT press "7" because we are so darned programmed to do that, even in the face of abject rudeness (no, it doesn't make you rude if you ignore other people being rude to you).

And @Squiggles, I agree with you...but then again, I'd thank a bellhop for pressing my button (and say please when I asked him/her - just because someone has an entry-level type job doesn't mean they don't merit common courtesy).

Squiggles said...

@Nora: Agreed! And I also thank cashiers, the woman who gets my coffee in the morning, give my order to a waiter (or even the drive-thru attendant) with a please & thank you.

There is no cause for rudeness. It takes very little effort to be polite and treat people like how you want to be treated. Some people seem to have forget about all of this.

Bicky said...

Wow. Just wow. I can't understand the attitudes of people these days. Makes me miss the good ole days and weep for the future.

Anonymous said...

I'd probably have pressed the button and kicked myself for doing so for the rest of the day.

Bicky said...

^ LOL April!

Jay said...

I would have pressed 30 and hoped that she didn't notice until at least 15...

Mark said...

Common courtesy is dead. There are a few practitioners but for the most part it is dead.

Coming from Union to my office today I ran into these people:

- The 'touching a door is yucky so I will just dip my shoulder and slide on through the small opening while the door slams in your face' woman

-The 'I have to light my ciggy just nano seconds after coming through the busy main door, crowd behind me be damned' man

-The 'my facebook wall is so important I am going to walk right into you and blame you for it when I bang into you because you should be watching where I'm going" girl

-The 'oh you have been waiting for the light to cross Front Street for 30 seconds? I'm going to step off the curb and stand right in front of you...and take my time going across the street" man (who happened to be smoking AND on his cell phone

-The 'I'm going to push the close door button on the elevator while looking you straight in the eye as you walk fast towards me' woman

And finally:

-The 'I'm the last guy in the crowded elevator with my six sizes too big bag pack that I will not take off, rather I will slam that bag into your face until you move back enough for me to get in, then back up further so the guy behind you can breath right in your ears so I am not standing right against the gross metal of the elevator because that is unsanitary. I will also be getting off at the top floor, so we will repeat this dance at every stop...if I bother to move at all to let anybody out' man.

That did not even include my drive or the door donkey that feels he needs to stand right in the middle of the doors so he can ensure nobody else is out before him at Union.

Bicky said...

The "door is yucky...." women drive me nuts!

I'm always sure to issue a sarcastic thank you as I pass them after I've had the door slammed in my face.

Anonymous said...

Bicky said...
The "door is yucky...." women drive me nuts!

I'm always sure to issue a sarcastic thank you as I pass them after I've had the door slammed in my face...

I just tell them they're a lazy ass