Friday, July 24, 2015

Asking kids to calm down in the quiet zone is hardly "stranger danger"


Bicky said...

The way parents are "parenting" these days, I'm surprised there isn't full on anarchy.

I'm also surprised that the CSA didn't make announcements about the Quiet Zone. I'm on a train at 6:00 am and we have those announcements made at every stop.

Nora1968 said...

What I need to understand is why anyone travelling with kids would choose to sit in the Quiet Zone. I have a kid and, even now as a teenager, he loves heading upstairs on the rare occasion he rides the train (he leads a sheltered, car-centric life in Courtice LOL).

My point is that I get that kids LOVE the upper floor of the train and sometimes it's not possible to schedule your trip to avoid rush hour and the QZ. But in that case, wouldn't a parent reasonably either explain to the kidlets that they can't sit upstairs this trip? Or, if that just wouldn't work out, make clear that they could sit upstairs but they have to be quiet (and point to the QZ sign)? And, of course, sit in the quad with them (to, as the LW suggests, police their OWN kids and thereby avoid strangers having to do it for them)?

IMO, if she was so concerned about strangers talking to or otherwise interacting with her quite young children, she had no business sitting on the other side of the aisle, a full quad away.

And remember - I don't even agree with the Quiet Zone. But seating kids there is just asking for trouble all round.

Anonymous said...

Parents seldom monitor their kids, try hitting a Walmart on a weekend. it's like a daycamp. They're running all over the store with no supervision making a helluva lotta noise.

Anonymous said...

You really thought that your fellow passengers would stick up for you dude? This is Canada... land of uber-wussinessy.