Thursday, July 30, 2015

Well this is different

Service Updates

Lakeshore West
  • The Aldershot GO 13:01 - Union Station 14:11 train is 13 minutes late from Aldershot and will not stop at Long Branch, Mimico or Exhibition stations because of earlier track work. Passengers at these stations may take the Aldershot GO 13:31 - Union Station 14:41 train.
Lakeshore East
  • The Union Station 14:43 - Oshawa GO 15:41 train trip will operate express from Union to Pickering. The train scheduled to operate this trip was 16 minutes late arriving Union Station due to an earlier brush fire investigation near the tracks west of Union. For passengers travelling to stations between Danforth and Rouge Hill GO: your next train is the  Union Station 15:13 - Oshawa GO 16:14 train trip. 
  • The Union Station 15:13 - Oshawa GO 16:14 train trip is delayed 10 minutes from Union due to the investigation of a brush fire west of Union. 
  • Kitchener Line GO Trains will be travelling at a reduced speed between Georgetown and Kitchener once again today; this is a safety precaution because of the extra stress that these temperatures can put on the rails. We expect that this may cause delays of up to 20 minutes to those of you traveling to Acton, Guelph and Kitchener GO Stations this evening. We thank you for your understanding.
Last Update: 3:52:41 PM


Bicky said...

I'm not surprised. It's so dang hot and dry. All it takes is a spark from something or a carelessly tossed cigarette.

I think we had one of these delays last year.

Gemma said...

Ah yes, but at least they weren't stuck because "they couldn't get permission to proceed". That, in an effort of transparency(?) sounds so much lamer than "operational issues".


C.J. Smith said...

Today I learned that "operational issue" covers someone who called in sick. Makes sense, right? If you have someone important to the operation who suddenly has an asthma attack while heading into work, then this can throw a lot off.

I don't know enough about the logistics but I can tell you at my company having someone not come in can cause a lot of spinning.

TomW said...

It's unlikely someone causing in sick would lead to a significant disruption. GO has ~2000 drivers (for example); some will call in sick every day.

(If the average person takes one day off every two years, for example, then you'd expect 4 people to call in sick every day. Sickness rates among bus drivers tends to be higher than the general public, partly from exposure to public and all its germs, and partly because driving a bus is not something where you can gloss over feeling a bit off-colour)

If GO is like most transit agencies, employees are obliged to call in as soon as they know they won't be showing up. It shouldn't be the case that the operations mangers are standing around wondering a driver is. Often, this means a relief person can be arranged in time, so that everything works properly. if that can't happen, then drivers will get bumped up to one earlier run, until a relief driver arrives to make up the numbers. It's not rocket science - it's something every non-tiny transit agency knows how to deal with.