Monday, July 6, 2015

Huffington Post blogger not impressed with UP Express

Unless, of course, you happen to be a public transportation agency in Ontario, launching an already outdated and incredibly overdue service into a world-class-wannabe boomtown, enjoying access to a limitless pot of public marketing funds and, apparently, having no real accountability or a need to demonstrate any real return for the things you build and do.
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Error said...

UP-pity entitlement!
Signs aren't clear enough (ask someone?). Train is too loud, no screens in the back of seats! Angry at having to navigate hostile Bloor Street!
Give me a break.
I'm no fan of the UP but I'm tired of seeing rich people complain about an expensive service that they can obviously afford.
If it were me, I'm pretty sure I could ask for directions, deal with the sound of the engine and live without screens in the seats. I'm pretty sure I could also navigate Bloor Street, which actually has some of the nicest little communities in Toronto in spots. I have a phone with navigation tools and the social skills to ask for help where it's needed.
Just another example of how the UP Express was built for the elite, and even they aren't happy with it.

C.J. Smith said...

I really need to go for a ride.

Michael Suddard said...

Don't get lost!

Skin Man said...

Flying very soon and I was considering taking it. I live in Hamilton and the train fare for the family there and back, (Hamilton-Union-Pearson), is so much more expensive than driving & parking. I think the pricing needs to be adjusted considering we don't all live in Toronto but want to use the expanded(ing), GO system to get to the airport.

Anonymous said...

Clearly this author of the article has an axe to grind.

Subliminal said...

I hope this writer did not get paid for this article and it was a mercy post so he can continue his career as an unemployed self-obsessed blogger, er , I mean "Social Entrepreneur"
Can't measure distance...check
Can't read a subway map (Bloor-Yonge is not Bloor)...check
Buys 19th century paper ticket, complains about 21st century person that has to service him as a result...check
Doesn't buy Presto to save money and use it on Dundas West subway instead of money and he thinks the system is the problem not the service options they provide for modern day neaderthals like him...check
Attempts to write article without any fact cheque!

Anonymous said...

I agree it seems to be dead. I went in to the Union area in rush hour to use the bank machine and it was filled with employees and no customers. I had 4 people ask me if I needed help...nice, but where is everybody?

deepfish said...

In 1998, after a slight misunderstanding with Immigration officials, I had to leave Seoul (a city of about the same geographic area as the GTA, but with 5-6 times the population. I lived, at the time, in a fancy neighbourhood south of the river (not Kangnam-style, but you could SEE Kangnam). A geographic equivalent would be the Annex.
I had to get to the airport at Kimpo (it has since been replaced by an even bigger airport at Inchon). Kimpo would be roughly in Burlington in GTA terms.
I wheeled my suitcases to the subway station down the block, got onto the train, transferred once to another subway, and was at the airport in half an hour - regular charge.
BTW - Seoul subways had a type of Presto card system, and had had one for years - this was 17 years ago.
After a 15 hour flight I arrived in Toronto. No subway at the airport. No real regular transit at all.
When I finally got to downtown my host 's first question was "It must be nice to be in a civilized city..."

mark p said...

if you are the average out of towner, chances are you want to go straight downtown to union station, which is what exactly this thing is called, from what i understand and correct me if im wrong the only reason they put in between stops was kinda to shut the nimbys up...

Anonymous said...

I rode it from Pearson and I liked it. My main complaint about it would be how difficult it is finding it in Pearson. Even having looked up how to find the station in Pearson before hand, I still had some trouble. Improved signs would help. Pearson is a PITA to navigate normally, so it fits right in. "Trains"? Really? It took me a couple seconds to remember that the only "trains" going to that airport are the UPExpress. Aside from that and the price, I liked it.

For all of those people that complain about the price, you have the choice of riding the TTC 192 Airport Rocket bus to Kipling and catching the subway downtown for $3. It's too bad they didn't make it part of the regular GO network and price it accordingly.

I think Tory's Smart Track idea will be nice.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

To Deepfish:
After your return to Toronto from Seoul, when that smug host commented "It must be nice to be in a civilized city..." did you reply "Yeah, but I'll sure miss the taste of dog meat"?

With all the fanfare over "racism" and "sexism" it's sure amazing the way all these other stereotypes continue to linger. And the campiest and most contrived ones at that.