Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Go home Triplinx, something something drunk

date:Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 2:19 PM
subject:Triplinx is messed up

Just did a search for getting from 1 Atlantic Ave in Toronto to Niagara Falls for 10am on Friday. 

It told me to start at 5:45 am and walk to Dufferin St.
Take Dufferin Bus to Bloor. Bloor Night bus to Danforth Go.
Take westbound train to Union.
Stay on train to continue to Burlington.
Take GO bus to Niagara Falls. 

The entrance to exhibition GO is at 1 Atlantic Ave.

Tried another one: same locations. 

Told me to walk north on Atlantic to Liberty St.
Take Ossington bus to Eglinton West Stn.
Take subway to union.
Take westbound GO train to Burlington. 

20 km on TTC bus and subway for a 30 sec walk???  

It would be faster to just go up to King St take the streetcar to Bay St and walk to Union.

Try it yourself


George said...

Ha. Mine was even better. It says to walk to Atlantic Ave. and take the 63A Ossington bus and then get on the subway at Eglinton West. The exit the subway at King St west, get off the subway and walk 525 m to the Exhibition GO Stop.

WTF? I am supposed to take the TTC from where I started to back where I started?

Some tweaks are needed.

Michael Suddard said...

Meanwhile over at Google Maps:

1 Atlantic - walk to Exhibition GO Station (2 minutes)

Take LW towards Aldershot and get off at Burlington GO

BUrlington GO take the *shudder* route 12 to Niagara falls.

Total trip: 2 hours 27 minutes

Bonus: No TTC Required to Union!

8 million buckeroos for Triplinx?

Hell their using Google API code, why not just integrate a search feature into the existing Metrolinx website? Nope, can't have that cause it ain't branded and if it ain't branded it ain't marketable by the 100,000+ PR flacks at Metrolinx. Why else would the UP Express, Presto and Triplinx be needed instead of GO Transit train to the airport, and of course a straight up new Metrolinx feature with Google maps integrated. Nope, we can't have that cause it ain't a marketable new shiny bauble to be photo opped by Transport Minister Steven Del Duca and Metrolinx PR staffers.