Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Carpooling. You're doing it wrong

According to Whitby GO parking customers and passengers there are three drivers allegedly abusing the carpool privileges of the program. They all have stickers but no passengers with them when they arrive and park in the designated spots -- spots that are close to the entrance to the station.

The first alleged offender is in a dark grey Hyundai sedan. The second drives a light grey Pontiac sedan and the third is piloting a red minivan (make not given) - all solo. The rules of the program only apply to the morning and not the evening, so even if these three drivers give fellow passengers rides home only at night, the program disqualifies them.

Those who have complained has been advised to call Transit Safety and Security (1 877 297 0642). I am positive the situation will be monitored and if it's true, all three drivers should be fined and towed.

Pas cool.


Anonymous said...

That's stupid. If you carpool at night, why can't you park in a reserved spot?

George said...

A quick question. The carpool space times are only until 9:30 am and then they are regular spots for the rest of the day. What time do the offenders arrive?

C.J. Smith said...

The first email I got was timestamped 7:30 am
The email I got today with photos was timestamped 8:53 am

So these drivers are definitely breaking the rules

Anonymous said...

Red Dodge Caravan.

I will definitely call that line, they know it is wrong but doing it anyway.

George said...

Yep they sure are.

I just had to make sure that they actually did get there before 9:30am.