Friday, July 31, 2015

It was 4 am, are you sure the driver wasn't drunk? Fell asleep?

"Early Friday morning, a car mistakenly entered the TTC streetcar tunnel on Queens Quay near Bay St."

Let's look at that sentence, written by an editor at the Toronto Star, shall we?

How does a car make a mistake?

A car needs a driver.

The driver drove into the streetcar tunnel. This wasn't a "mistake". How many more DO NOT ENTER signs does one driver need to realize this isn't where cars go?


rf said...

All I can say is BA HA HA HA HA
Stupid people.

Definitely drunk. Look how far in. If you're alert or sober, you'd know where before being 200 metres in something was wrong.

Anonymous said...

That's not far in, this is...during the G20, a person managed to drive a Honda Civic all the way into Spadina station on the streetcar tracks. She finally fell off the rails right by the loading platform for the streetcar.