Friday, July 10, 2015

Is there a reason why these "artists" can't keep the graffiti at home? Tag your house, garage or shed, k?

Mischief Arrest – Great Teamwork

At approx. 1:23 a.m, on July 8, 2015, GO Train staff observed 2 "Graffiti Artists" spraying one of the trains.  They were dressed like painters and wearing BB caps.  Police were notified and set up a perimeter.  As they finished their work they began to take "selfies" and photos of their work.  As they began to walk away they spotted officers in the vicinity. Both suspects were captured after a short foot pursuit.  Nice coordinated effort between GO Transit Police and officers.  GO Transit has experienced significant property damage throughout the GTA and Hamilton area.
Held for bail.

ARRESTED:               24 year old Hamilton male
                                    25 year old Hamilton male
CHARGES:                 Mischief Under $5,000.00


Bicky said...

I hope the book gets thrown at them.

Subiminal said...

If you know their tag names PLEASE post them.

I'm sick of seeing their artless self-promotional criminal eye pollution and I'm glad to see the current eradication and crackdown thanks to the Pan-Am games(?!)
If they get no jail time I hope they give them a probation sentence involving their participation in cleaning up the graffiti.
This would the cost incurred by businesses that inherit by law the need to clean it up and also result in non-local businesses cleaning up years old graffiti that are not compelled by local government to be re-victimized and have to pay for removal of wall stains by wannabe artists.
I really hope this is a new beginning towards eradicating unsolicited visual pollution.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Make them clean up their graffiti then throw them in front of an upcoming train

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Everybody thinks they're "the next Rembrandt or Einstein".
I don't understand all these overinflated egos. Do all these people REALLY think that highly of themselves, that they're really so invaluable?

deepfish said...

Remember the little entitled idiot-shit "DAQ" and his little buddy who went apeshit and tagged the seats on a whole coach of a GO Train? IIRC his parents were sued to pay thousands of dollars in damages. Well, from the looks of the many tags on publicly owned utility poles and mailboxes around my house, the little bastard lives in my neighbourhood.
Oh joy.