Thursday, May 12, 2011

As much as I love the chainsaw, it's time for it to go

Suggestions for a new banner:

1. Jason

2. Jason

3. Jason

4. Jason

5. Jason

and ... anything else?

Here's the stickler? What do I draw?

Need inspiration? Check out the logo gallery. Don't know who Jason is? Start here by reading the comments.


Jen said...

Well Jason, the dear sweet soul that he is, also posted under "Intentional Moron". That might help with the picture inspiration.

Anonymous said...

So you can't disagree with the other people on this site, or you could be made into a banner?
So we should all just conform to the masses, thats just my impression of people who ride the go train soal-less mules.

Liz said...

How about one of you being pushed - I mean "crowded" out of the train?

purple rain said...

All trolls deserve a banner!
As a long time reader I've notcied loads of people have offered up opinions that disagree and they don't get honored. Like the Georgetown Ghost guy.. He was so worthy. But hey, this isn't my site.

I'll email CJ my ideas. Don't want to share.

And if Jason is reading, this is how you know you made it. Be honored. It means you struck a chord.

Bicky said...


You can disagree with someone as long as you're polite about it. Debate is a good thing - different viewpoints to make people aware of all sides of an issue. No need to tell folks to go eff themselves or stfu or be nasty.

Have a swell day!

Gary said...

What the hell is a "soal"?

B. said...


Leana said...

She out me in a banner. My life didn't end.

Al said...

And yet they still come back,

Couldnt have been outed that bad, or you found it truly funny.

Anonymous said...

Dirty feet on a seat that happen to catch fire?

Leana said...

Whatever. No one knows shit anyway so who cares? It wasn't nice since I gave her all this free publicity on my facebook page.

Anonymous said...


No one asked you to post this to your facebook page.

And CJ does not get paid to run this blog, so free publicity or not, that is a moot point.