Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pushed off the train

Truth be told, I wear a perpetual bullseye on my back because I deal with too much crap as a commuter or maybe I just find myself in situations others just don't have.

Yesterday, I managed to catch the 5:10 which was immediately packed at boarding because the train arrived 2 minutes to departure. I allowed myself to be cattled onto the train and I made my way to the upper level. Following behind me was a woman in a purple shirt. The aisle was full of people standing. With not much room, I moved slighlty forward to give her more space only to have her try to climb around me. I'm not a beanpole and I don't like being shoved aside. She actally nudged me forward when I stopped moving (what?). I turned around and asked her how far she wanted to go. She said to another coach.

Jesus Christ. The train was packed. The stairwell was jammed and she pissed me off with her shoving so I made my way through the crowd with her following behind and because the middle section was packed, I went down the second stairwell to the bottom coach (not where I wanted to be!)

Next thing I know, I found myself jumping off the train mere seconds before the doors closed because I was pushed. I was pushed off the train. I still can't believe it. I don't know who pushed me but I suspect it was the woman in the people shirt.

There were no seats to begin with and I also did not appreciate being this woman's personal battering ram!

I don't know what this woman expected to accomplish, but she DID. NOT. HAVE. TO. PUSH. ME. OFF. THE. TRAIN.


dakota said...

How rude!!! Why can't people understand if one car is packed 2 minutes to departure they all will be.
Hope you are ok.

C.J. Smith said...

No injuries! Just super pissed. I'm over it ... well, sort of. I looked for her this morning. I just want to know what the hell that was about!

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't have moved for the cow.

Sylv said...

I would have been in tears! I am generally very quiet and it takes a lot to have me speak up, but I am slightly claustrophobic (which is exacerbated when I am in a crowd of people). It takes all my self control not push my way through the "hoard" until I am out of the situation (hyperventilating as I do so), so I try to avoid crowds, and if I do find myself in one by accident I try to take strict control of my emotions.

I remember one day when I arranged to take an earlier train home because I was writing an exam that night and wanted some extra time to read over the material.

Well, that earlier train ended up being cancelled and the next one (my regular ride) was late. It was also jam-packed. Normally I would not have boarded, but with the exam I really had no choice.

I ended up pressed against the plexi-glass partition, and still people were pushing to get on! I actually yelled out that I had no place to go, so PLEASE STOP PUSHING - THE TRAIN IS FULL!! C.J., it was so tight, I couldn't reach into my pocket for a tissue. It was the most uncomfortable ride (both physically and mentally) EVER!

Owen said...

I'm sorry for your plight but all I keeping thinking of is Danny DeVito wanting to "Push Mama from the Train".

Liz said...

I think you need to view available GO security camera recordings...find yourself being pushed off, then try to identify the lady so that GO can use her as an example...kick her out or something (I'm not a GO expert)...

C.J. Smith said...

I can imagine as I don't handle crowds well myself which is why I do my best to escape them. I feel for you. I know exactly how you felt.

I don't think they have cameras on the trains. Not to my knowledge.

Donna said...

I think I nice hard poke in the back with your umbrella, by mistake of course, is warranted next time you come across this cow.

Donna said...

I'm actually surprised the door donkeys didn't prevent you from falling out. They usually have that area so blocked you can barely get on the train, let alone fall off.

C.J. Smith said...

I was pushed through the door donkeys.