Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chat with Skin Man on 2/29/2012

Don't be fooled by its innocence.

CJ Smith. Ridin' this crazy train, Skin Man


Skin Man:
Hey CJ! On my way home via VIA tonight. Very interesting trip. All of the staff are being very careful to follow the safety regulations. Safety messages are spoken clearly and completely. However there is one young women who is refusing to stow her luggage. The attendants have explained that if there is a problem her luggage may become airborne and hurt herself or other passengers. A couple of other passengers have told her to smarten up, but she's sticking to her guns. Some peoples children. You'd think the proximity to the tragedy would have some impact. The security I think have been called to enforce compliance.

Skin Man:
I guess to her defence you don't need to store stuff on the GO. Cheers

CJ Smith. Ridin' this crazy train:
Oh good. I'm glad security was called! I'm sick of people and their entitlement!

Skin Man:
Sadly security in this case was a fellow how looked like Santa and gently told the young lass as he was taking tickets to store it above. She said she had to watch it at all times b/c she was worried about theft. Santa response: everyone here look like nice people and then he wondered off. He's walked past several times since.....ugh!

CJ Smith. Ridin' this crazy train:
Oh come on. For god's sake. Man I wish I was on that train then I can tell her the figure skate story.

By Cindy J. Smith <-
Yes, this is my real name but transit reporters never believe me

It was a dark and cold February night. Jerry and Katy were returning home from a romantic night of hot chocolate and skating at the arena in town.

It was quiet in the SUV. The sound of the tires on the road was comforting. Both began to reminisce about the past several hours together.

Suddenly, a dark figure, low to the ground, darted across the road and Jerry jerked the wheel, steering the car to a hard right, heading for the ditch.

In a matter of seconds, the car entered the ditch and then slammed into a wooden telephone poll.

Both Katy and Jerry survived the terrible crash, but not without extensive leg, head and facial injuries.

You see, Jerry liked to use his SUV as his mobile living room and littered the back seat with his tools, a laptop, coins, shoes, CDs and other crap. In the cargo area of the SUV, were the couple's ice skates.

When emergency crews arrived, one of the firefighters brought Jerry back over to his mangled vehicle and using a flashlight, pointed it at an object impaled into the back of his headrest.

It was one of Katy's ice skates, it's back blade embedded in the cushioning of the headrest.

"That could have been your head, sir," the firefighter said.

Use netting to secure cargo in an SUV. Keep the backseat of vehicles free of debris. Secure BBQ propane tanks with bungee cords and do not put them in the back seat. Keep hockey bags in the trunk and CDs in a lockable storage container.

In a crash, everything not belted down becomes airborne and acts as moving projectiles. Head and facial injuries are common injuries sustained in car crashes and can be avoided if people keep their vehicles neat and objects secure.

There's a reason why VIA employees and airline attendants ask people to stow their belongings.

And now you know ... [whispering] ... (Bell Biv Devoe)


Bicky said...

You had me all serious with this story, good points on safety, etc. Then you add in the line about Bell Biv Devoe - I nearly blow tea out my nose and now I've got the giggles. Fan-tastic!

C.J. Smith said...

That girl is Poison ... !

You can't trust a big butt and a smile...

Kathy said...

It's driving me outta my mind ;)

mumzthewurd said...

This is so true.. A young woman was killed in a crash in B.C. She would have survived the impact. It was her laptop tha killed her. She had left it on the back seat of the car.