Friday, March 30, 2012

Not exactly the best weather to be half-naked. Mayan man on the GO

Thanks to Christine for sending this over and to the dozen LSE commuters who told me about him.

Anyone know the story? Was it ROM-related?

So the story is this is a Mayan high priest and it's to promote GO's discount partnership with the ROM's Mayan Exhibit.

Apparently the CSA on the 7:15 am train originating in Oshawa asked all of you to welcome him on board. Some of you were confused about the "high priest" expecting a guy in a collar smoking a doobie.


ExGOnowTTC said...

I hope he sacrificed all the door donkeys in a bloody ceremony to appease the Gods.

Squiggles said...

Really and truly you can't expect people to figure out what a "high priest" is at 7am, before the caffeine.

But, this stunt shoulda been done before March Break or hell, even last week, when the weather was better and more people could have went. The show closes in about 2 weeks.

lswgirl13 said...

There's no way I want him sitting next to me with no shirt and that giant get-up on his head. And he better not put those sandals up on the seat.

TT said...

On my train he got on at Pickering when the train was already 10 minutes late and therefore packed to the rafters. This idiot and the other ROM minions had to push their way to the next car. I don't think they had any takers for their coupons. People just wanted to throw them off the train. I wrote a complaint to the ROM about it. Very poorly thought out.

Anonymous said...

I got on at Pickering too. He had a hard time getting through a very packed train. It would of been much better to have a display at Union Station than walk through a train, especially when people are in their daily routine of reading or sleeping.

HK said...

I missed the excitement! Should have gotten up early I guess, but the reason I switched to a later train was precisely the crowd on the 7:45 departing Pickering. How did he get through the train with that hair-doo on?? I certainly couldn't do that with my very intimidating bag on! LOL!