Monday, March 5, 2012

Someone be hatin'

from: April C
date: Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 11:14 AM

I missed the 7:53 out of Oshawa this morning. I was so close. But, my inability to get the station on time got me a good chuckle. I thought of this post:

I tapped my Presto and turned onto the platform, fully aware that there was a very slim chance the doors would still be open. It was 7:53 (and many seconds) after all. I saw a few people running down the track but one lady caught my attention. She was waving frantically in the direction of the accessibility coach (but the CSA was not outside of the train that I could see). She ran down to the next car and started furiously pushing the door release button.

This morning was one of those mornings where the doors closed but the train didn't immediately depart from the station. I had time to walk from the end of the platform to the doors on the first car. I was being optimistic and hoped that those doors would pop back open - I wanted to be ready if they did.

They didn't.

Once the train started to pull out of the station (and the woman was still pushing the button as the train started to move) I did the slow walk of shame back to the little house so I could fill up my daughter's presto card (lucky brat is on spring break). Runner/button pusher woman also went into the little house . . . to complain.

She said that she travelled more than 70 kms to get to the GO station (where the hell is she coming from, Peterborough? Take the damn bus!) and she got here ON TIME only to have the train doors close and the train sit at the station for 4 minutes. She proclaimed it to be disgusting. Just disgusting.

No way in hell those doors were closed for 4 minutes while the train just stood in the station because I was standing there too. Maybe 90 seconds. If she got there on time she would have been on the train, not complaining at the ticket booth. What did she expect them to do, turn the train around and send it back for her?


Squiggles said...

If she got there "ON TIME" then she wouldn't have missed the train. The people in the little booth would know that, so all she does is make herself look like an idiot.

Besides, if she exaggerated the length of time pushing a button that doesn't work unless it is lit up, you know she exaggerated about the distance she travelled. Betcha she came from Bowmanville and it just felt like 70 kms.

And yay April! I find I always try to laugh at myself when I miss the train by **thismuch** since taking the bus to the station.

lswgirl13 said...

HAHAHA . . . great story! Like I'm sure the CSA saw her freaking out and said to the engineer "let's sit here, not open the doors just to drive this woman crazy" . . . yeh, right.

April C. said...

I knew you guys would like the story. Her wild button pushing made me laugh out loud on the platform. I am sure people thought I was crazy.

CNConductor said...

I swear they should make "Running For The GO Train" a national televised sport on CBC.

Sylv said...

Possibly she took a wrong turn somewhere and drove in circles trying to find the GO station, thereby traveling 70 kms?

N-train said...

Yeah, but wouldn't there be signs marking the way, Sylv? At least, where I live, they have signs ALL OVER THE PLACE! (literally) marking where the GO station is.

Andy said...

Different reader focuses on different things in the article. I for one am disgusted by her LIES! So you've missed the train, get out of your house 5 min earlier tomorrow and you won't miss it again! Problem solved!

ExGOnowTTC said...

Don't you lot know that GO Transit make it their mission to ensure i drove 5 billion miles has to stand outside the train with its doors closed for 3 hours before it moves off?
They're out to get her!