Friday, March 9, 2012

Sleepin' Hardcore



Shirker said...

Being awake for 72 hours straight prior is the only reasonably explanation for how that position is comfortable enough to fall asleep in. His nose and mouth are scary close to the seats. Not even on a train fresh from a full Willowbrook treatment would I put my face anywhere near where public asses (and feet) have been.

deepfish said...

Looks to be a train in either Japan or Korea. The guy is probably drunk, left there by friends. It is common for "salarymen" to go out after work and get right plastered - indeed it is expected. Some guys I taught would work sixteen hour days then, if a celebration was called for, (like a new big account) they would go out for a few hours of dining and karaoke and drinking. The custom there is that if a guy gets too plastered, they leave him lying in a train or subway station. Some consider it a safer place - they are patrolled by cops and, come morning, the guy can make his way home. I lived in a rather tony neighbourhood and I'd see men dressed in Hugo Boss and Armani suits lying on the local subway platforms in the early mornings.