Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Did anyone zero out on their Presto card this morning?

I'm so confused. I've only taken 37 Presto rides this month.

This morning when I tapped on at the Oshawa GO station, the card read $0.00 despite a balance of $68.35 on my card.

The deal is, after 41 rides in a month, the rides are free.

I'm not complaining. I'm just wondering if anyone else saw the same?


lswgirl13 said...

When I have gotten to the magic number for free rides, it shows the balance in my Presto account.

Squiggles said...

Haven't reached it or even the discounted rate and am starting to get a little concerned. Looks like I may have to put more money on before Friday. Grrrr.

Ashley said...

Same thing happened to me this morning. I tapped on at Ajax and it usually deducts $6.66 but only read 90 cents. I'm new to Presto so I thought I was on empty....when I checked my balance I had $25 still left on it. Not complaining though!

Bicky said...

Nope, it told me I had $55 and change left on it, which sounds about right. Although, I still have 9 more rides to take and hope there's enough left on the card. By Friday I should see a huge discount. Won't hit the free rides though.

Did anyone else get there handy-dandy Presto Transit Useless, er, Usage Report mailed to them? The letter with it was dated March 17. And they still mailed me an incorrect report!

Bicky said...

CORRECTION: "there" should read "their". Durr.

DF said...

Rides 1-35 are 7.5%off
36-40 are 87.5% off
41+ are 100% off.
So you should not be riding free yet.

James said...

Nope they're still taking my money. Since I telecomute at least one day a week most months I don't even hit the discounted rides. Which sucked come tax time. I don't get the tax credit even though I'm contributing to public transit and staying off the road.

PrestoSux said...

Mine got screwed because I took a bus despite of it being between the two same zone points as the train. PRESTO basically now only gives me 80% off once I hit 40 and not free rides :(

TT said...

I had that happen once on a Durham transit bus, but never for GO.

C.J. Smith said...

it didn't zero out this morning.
i do have to wonder if my bus journey to the station plays a role and what role that plays

Calvin said...

James wrote, "I don't get the tax credit even though I'm contributing to public transit and staying off the road."

You only need to take 32 rides on one transit agency using Presto to qualify for the tax credit, so you have to do your homework to make sure you don't miss anything.

The trouble is, Presto does not generate reports that clearly indicates if you get a tax credit for each month. If you use it for more than one transit provider, you have to go through it in detail on your own. It is also not clear if you are entitled to a credit on ALL of your transit usage once you make 32 rides on one provider in the month, or just for the usage on THAT provider.