Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, you're hot? Too bad. Don't bother asking GO Transit on Twitter for assistance

CJ Smith ‏ @ThisCrazyTrain
On 510 LSE. Heat is CRANKED on coach 2132. A+ @GetontheGO It's 18C outside - as in "PLUS"! Went to next #gotrain coach - also set to broil.

CJ Smith ‏ @ThisCrazyTrain
RT "@JenLynH: had the same problem on the 5:15 LSW. Had to go thru three to find a more comfortable temp #gotrain" @GetontheGOUnacceptable!

CJ Smith ‏ @ThisCrazyTrain
@JenLynH If someone faints on this damn train and it results in a medical emergency ... Then what? Don't the CSAs get weather reports!?
GO Transit ‏ @GetontheGO
Hi @ThisCrazyTrain. Please speak with the CSA in the accessible coach about the temperature in your coach.
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CJ Smith ‏ @ThisCrazyTrain
@GetontheGO It's impossible to get to CSA with crowd of people blocking the stairwells b/c of ajax door restrictions. Hence the @ mention TY

Deborah Smerek ‏ @dsmerek
@ThisCrazyTrain @GetontheGO was asked for help re: Barrie line delay all they could suggest was to sign up for GO alerts.#NoHelpAtAll
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CJ Smith ‏ @ThisCrazyTrain
@dsmerek @GetontheGO How is this possible that there is no way to communicate with engs/csas with all this technology!? Rethink CSR comm!
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CJ Smith ‏ @ThisCrazyTrain
@HULKGORIDER Thanks Hulk but I'm sure there are more diplomatic ways to deal. I think I see smoke signals coming from 20 Bay Street in T.O.
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Anonymous said...

All this time I was certain you worked for GO Transit.
Guess I was wrong.

C.J. Smith said...

You've never been right.
Sucks to realize I've been telling the truth all along, don't it?

Harith said...

I wonder if anyone actually approached the CSA instead of just passive-aggressively tweeting? :P

Dakota said...

The 4:10 LSE was an oven as well yesterday.

Vanessa said...

Ditto for the 5:15 to Brampton! I wasn't going to leave my seat either with or without my belongings for fear of them being a) stolen or b) my seat stolen.

C.J. Smith said...

It's five coaches from the front of the train to the CSA coach.
I got as far as the 4th coach and was met with a WALL OF PEOPLE (the Ajax people).

I gave up my seat for this shit.

I considered getting off the train at Pickering and then running to the CSA coach but why the fuck should I do that?

Anonymous said...

There have been times, in complete desperation, where I have opened the door in the first coach - the one leading to the engine, and propped it open with a bag/backpack. It does work, especially when the a/c has crapped out.

CNConductor said...

The problem is the CSA's don't have any control over shutting off or turning on the heat (a/c) on each individual car on a train, this is all done by maintenance personnel at Willowbrook after each cycle.

TomW said...

The heating/AC shouldn't be turned on or off at Willowbrook!
Train carriages should have a thermostat, which turns the heating/AC on or off as needed.

Bicky said...

Almost makes me glad I'm home sick this week. Had I been on the train/oven, I might have passed out.

Then I'd be popular for delaying the train due to a medical emergency. ;o)

Sylv said...

@CNConducter, I was on the much-delayed Barrie train last week (two hours), and the CSA actually announced that she would be making her way through the train to turn off the heat in each coach

Anonymous said...

I was on a GO bus this afternoon with no heat or A/C, even with a light jacket it was getting quite warm inside with all that bright sun shining through the windows.

Luckily on the bus home the driver had the air going, much comfier ride.

TomW said...

I contacted GO, and they said the temp is set for 22C.
Personally, when it's 22C outside I wear no jacket or sweater - which explains why the carriages seems so hot in winter when I'm bundled up!

lswgirl13 said...

22C??? That's ridiculous!!!

Squiggles said...

22 is way to high. I don't even keep my house that warm in the winter.

And I always strip out of my coat when I get on the train and yesterday it was quite warm in my coach.