Monday, March 19, 2012

I don't know what to make of this weather

Apparently on Wednesday, it's to hit 26C with a humidex of 30C.

Yesterday, a friend of mine who lives in the Riverdale area of Toronto mentioned on Facebook that she turned on her central air.

My dad, all 65 years of him, can't recall a March like this in his lifetime.

Personally, I find these weather patterns scary.

You know what else is scary? Driving in fog. It was intense on the weekend on the QEW through the Hamilton region.

In Port Credit, Adam Kemp tweeted this pic to me of a GO train making its way through the soup.


DF said...

26?? Where??? Certainly not in Durham. It was nice but not that nice. I'm loving this weather. I will never complain about warm weather - bring it on!!! Wednesday was nice. Lots of people in patios downtown but you still needed a jacket.
I remember one year in high school during march break it was super warm. We ran around outside in jeans and tshirts all week. It was great !

C.J. Smith said...

I remember the March Break of 1987.

I had this HUGE, massive crush on a boy named Emilio and it was the last two days of the week where it was really warm, because I had climbed up on top of my parents' garage to observe Emilio playing hockey in the school yard with no shirt. Then I had this huge fantasy that he'd slap the ball so hard that it would fly into my back yard and he'd have to come get it and then we'd start talking and he'd confess how much he loved me.

I was 12.

It could happen.

Squiggles said...

DF, it is supposed to hit the mid 20s in the Durham region THIS week. Last week was great, but this one is gonna be sweet.

I was out on the weekend walking in my short sleeves. Mind you, when I left, it was with a sweater that didn't stay on very long.

Also, extremely happy that I turned the heat off. And the windows are opening up! Love it!

lswgirl13 said...

Whatever happened to Emilio I wonder?

I can remember a few nice days during March break but never anything like this. Thing is, it WILL snow again or at least it will get cold!

C.J. Smith said...
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C.J. Smith said...

I found out years later, through Facebook, that he was happily single and gay.

At least it gave me closure.

But it explains so many things ... kid was a snappy dresser. He was more mature than the other boys and scoffed at their rudeness, even calling out the bullies. He was a sympathetic listener. He was really into cars, music, art and so was I. We would chat for hours on the phone, yet, he never made a move.

It was so frustrating. I truly thought there was something really wrong with me.

In 8th grade, we were separated into two different classes but I still pined for him.

Eventually, he stopped taking my phone calls and I learned later it was because he didn't like that I was disclosing what we would talk about to a girl he hated. I didn't even know he hated her.

Oh, the problems of our youth.

N-train said...

Yeah, it's been really nice! We have a lake, though, where I live, and in my neighbourhood it could be like 25 but if you go down by the lake the temperature drops by probably 15 - 20 degrees! I'm not even kidding - I went biking down to the lake the other day and couldn't handle it!

I saw that fog picture! I can't remember where, but I saw it a few days ago. :)