Friday, March 30, 2012

Offline today. Well I was ...

Poor kid woke up with a "shtuffy noze" and she says feel sick. So movies in bed it is!

It's a mommy and kid day for me.

Got to ride home with a bunch of sore-loser, drunk Leafs fans last night on the 10:13 pm LSE train.

My Twitter feed chronicles the nonsense if you care to read how it went.

The urge to break out the vodka when I got home was strong, but I drank Perrier water instead. See, I knew you'd be proud.

Til Monday, folks, when all this shit starts up again for another week.


Sylv said...

Have a great day!!

Bicky said...

At least next week is a short week. :o) Enjoy your day off.

Anonymous said...

moderation off .....