Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I see vans holding hands, saying ...

Oshawa GO Lot
Photo submitted by @WallKitten


Anonymous said...

People don't get what the white lines are for.
No, it doesn't mean "park up against the line so you block the person next to you from getting in the driver's side door".
It means "park evenly between the lines so there is equal space on either side of your vehicle."
Whenever I am the one who has to climb in the passenger side I sort of think about smashing my car door into theirs to make a point.

Squiggles said...

What do you mean "sort of"?

I have been known to do it. Only not smash, but open up, then lean against the door. That way, no one hears and there is actually damage.

As I rarely drive to the GO station, I pull this stunt in store parking lots. But I also originally parked in the boonies by myself (see that car at the far end with on one around?) and when I head towards it at the end of the trip, it is surrounded and some yahoo thinks I am going to climb in from the rear (van)? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

They are dating

Anonymous said...

I had this happen to me except it impossible for even the tiniest person to squeeze between the cars. It made me think how the hell the driver got out of their car. In I went through the passenger door, climbing over the console and cursing like a trucker. I immediately opened my drivers door and slammed it in to the car next to me. He deserved it!!! Especially since he was the one that was parked WAY OVER his line into my spot. Dumb ass people deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

I've thought about slamming my door into the other vehicle as well, but it's still too new.