Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm just a girl with a blog asking you to love her

from: Marvahluss Mel
date: Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 2:54 PM
subject: ur website

hi there. i work as a law clerk in downtown to. a really big firm. so one day i'm in the staff kitchen and there's this printout on the fridge from ur site about presto cuz some of the people who work here have issues with presto. anyhow i figured i'd check ur site out cuz i hadn't heard of it.

i don't ride the go train so maybe that's why or why i don't get it. anyway. good luck with it. my co-workers love ur site.


from: C.J. Smith
date: Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 9:27 PM
subject: Re: ur website

Hi Mel

Yeah, it's really hard to relate to something when you've never experienced it. But surely we must have something in common so that we can at least become friends.
I feel I owe it to you since you took the time to write me about my website that makes no sense to you.
It's important that I get this kind of feedback because I'm very much about constructive criticism and evolving myself.
It concerns me greatly that my website has no value for those who don't use public transit. Surely there must be something I can do to connect to the thousands of people who drive, bicycle or walk to work.
But enough about them. Right now, all I care about is you. But first, more about me.

I work for this really big financial firm in downtown T.O. We also have a staff kitchen. I bet my staff kitchen is 10 times better than your staff kitchen. We have 10 microwaves, although you won't catch me anywhere near the kitchen when all 10 of them are running at the same time, but my co-workers who live in Pickering don't seem to mind. There's an espresso machine and a walk-in freezer with more ice cream than a Quickert's Dairy Store. Have you ever been to Quickert's? Look 'em up. Their milk products are fantastic. We've got tons of tables, chairs, magazines, a Wii and an X-box. There's a huge 66" Plasma television, satellite service, massaging chairs and a pool table. I watched this Dateline segment about Google once, which showed their staff kitchen. Trust me, my company's staff kitchen is the gold medal in staff kitchens.

Anyhow, hollah back when you have a moment. We should really compare staff washrooms. I don't want to give anything away until I hear from you, but be prepared. If you think our kitchen is Olympic material, our staff bathroom is complete and total Nascar.

Much love,


Squiggles said...

Wow. A whole lotta nothing came from that exchange. Can't figure out why she felt the need to contact you. And the spelling is atrocious. Fingers crossed she is not in a position of authority.

Anonymous said...
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Bicky said...

I was about to tell you that our staff lunch room kicks your staff kitchen in the butt because we have 12 microwaves but then I continued reading. I will not be commenting further on it. That is all.

On a side note, I hope she uses proper business spelling in those legal briefs. Yikes!

Zjack said...

Wow that's impressive! My lunch room has a card table with 3 chairs, a fridge, and a microwave that only microwaves for 2 minutes. You have to manually open the door when you want to take your food out. Oh, and what happens when the timer goes from 2 minutes to 0? It restarts at 2 minutes and keeps going!

deepfish said...

Our lunch room attendant and houseboy brought this exchange to our attention. We had him flogged for interrupting our 3:20 Hookah Session and Sauna...

Anonymous said...

My staff kitchen is a fridge, microwave and sink. The counter is staked with a coffee maker an teapot. They took away our paper towel rolls and replaced it with a dispenser that only has thin, single ply.

I dream everyday for a toaster oven. Did I mention it is against building by-laws to make popcorn.

I've worked for one of the big banks... I've never seen a kitchen like that!!!!! Jealous.

Anonymous said...

Tue Apr 3 at 2:54PM... wow, instead of billing hours, she is writing you? Hope her boss doesn't catch her.