Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm on a bus. I'm on a bus. I'm on a mother------g bus

Yesterday I got on the GO bus at 5:44 in the morning.

5:44. AM. Willingly.

I had to be at the office well before eight for a product launch. By 12 pm, it felt like I'd put in a whole workday with four more hours still to go 'til I could leave for the day. It was a long day.

On the bus it was just me and the bus driver, and not just any bus driver, but 'Santa', my regular bus driver. He was as surprised to see me as I was to see him.

I wasn't really up to chatting but I engaged him anyway because I like listening to him talk about his grandchildren. At some point, as we drove through east Oshawa, we had picked up another passenger who was sitting two seats behind me.

So Santa is chatting away, I'm struggling to stay awake and all of a sudden there's this singing coming from the man behind me. He's pounding the headrest of the seat in front of him like a drum and he's singing, "I'm on a bus. I'm on a bus. I'm on a motherf-----g bus." He was also hissing out his 'S's as in "buh-ssssssssss".

This went on for the whole bus ride until he got off near the Oshawa Centre mall.

He wasn't wearing headphones. He wasn't listening to music of any kind. He bode the driver a good day and sauntered onto the sidewalk. As we pulled away, he began air drumming and singing again.

Fifty bucks says he was singing about walking on the sidewalk.


Squiggles said...

At least he is keeping himself entertained. And, it is possible that the early hour affected his brain somehow. Or that he decided after a night of partying that it was time to GO (heehee, that was punny!) home.

Anonymous said...
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Al said...

Its actually a song,

A paradoy of a song by T-pain "I'm on a Boat"

Al said...

I made no representation that she should have already known that, I know becuase I googled it.

@ Anon - You tit.

Al said...

Hey Anon, your Mom.

Al said...

Well now my posts just look silly.

Anonymous said...

hey AL your father.

C.J. Smith said...

Well, now he's going on about your father.

I watched the you tube video of the parody. My guy was singing out of tune... for sure.

Al said...

Hey anon, I am your father

Skin Man said...

Ben, why didn't you tell Anon?!

Anonymous said...

hey CJ fuck off
moderation off

C.J. Smith said...

How sad you are to sit there and refresh to check when I choose to moderate.

You know what you need? A pet cockroach.

Al said...

You mean a brother or sister cockroach, (Ha I said cock) dont you?

Or maybe brother/Sister cockroach constantly pick on him and that is why he is the wayhe is.