Monday, April 23, 2012

These are the people I want to beat in the neighbourhood, in the neighbourhood. Oh! These are the people I want to beat ... (everybody sing!)

Text message from 1905925XXXX
11:18 AM

This rude seat hog sprawls out every morning on the 6:12am from Oshawa all the way to Union. Sometimes his dirty shoes are on the back of the seat instead of on his bag. He pretends to sleep so no one will take his second seat. Hate him and his lack of manners.


Taylor said...

Oh, there's another one on this particular train. He seems to think his newspapers and lunchbag deserve a seat of their own. I WILL ask him to move them. I love the look of surprise this donkey gives, that someone actually asked him to follow the rules of decorum.

Squiggles said...

I always wonder if these people, heading home, are the first to throw a hissy fit if they need to A) stand or B) sit in the crap left behind by another's shoes?

Anonymous said...

I'm gong to start asking foot riders to stand up, and sit in their filth. I'd like to use the clean seat.

Try it, it's a free country :-P