Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My *found* story tops your *lost* story

Text message from 905721XXXX
Apr 24 2012 9:33 PM

Hey, how does lost and found work?

Me> Pardon?

On your website.

Me> My website?

Is this 9054427423

Me> You're kidding right?

Is it?

Me> How can you mis-text someone?

I dunno. I lost my unmbrella and if I don't get it back my mom is gonna be pissed.

Me> Hang on, back to the part where you asked me to confirm the number. Did you commit the number to memory or did you type it while reading it off a monitor?

Monitor. Is it wrong?

Me> Dude, if you have a number in front of you and then a number on your phone and they both match, what's the answer?

Dude? Since when does someone in customer service call someone dude.

Me> Customer service for what?


Me> The hell? Look, I can tell when someone isn't legit. This isn't a legit "I can't use Google and I can't read" text message.

I didn't use Google. 

Me> Okay, fine. You lost an "unmbrella". Can't help ya. Sorry.

Hey! I'm not the one putting phone numbers up online

Me> Did I say anything to that affect?

So why so pissed. 

Me> I'm not pissed. Merely annoyed. I don't like lying.

I really did lose an  umbrella.

Me> My heart bleeds for you. I found a briefcase at Union Station once. So I walked up to some random guy, handed it to him and whispered, "You know what to do", and walked away.

Write me back when you have an "interesting" umbrella story.


DF said...

Mommy is gonna be pissed!! Sheesh I wonder how old this one is?

C.J. Smith said...

Dunno but his attempt to try to engage me in a phony text exchange was a total fail.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some Troll trying to bait you into an argument.

ExGOnowTTC said...

Maybe he hasn't got any legs. You should've thought about that, and your personal theory of dialectical materialism before you responded.

People these days :(.