Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When the self-entitled get angry

Text message from: 1905864XXXX (The Smoker)
To: 9054427423 (CJ Smith - italics)
April 10 2012 11:27 AM

The Smoker: you know it's a small world right?

The Smoker: hello?

The Smoker: is this the go blog person?

Hello! Sorry, it's business hours so I'm working. What's up?

The Smoker: So you know it's a small world...

Uh sure... I know the song.

The Smoker: okay well you've got pics of people smoking on your site and I'm one of those people. Someone I ride the train with recognized me.

Oooh, are you one of the people smoking right under a sign or near a sign where it says NO SMOKING? One of those people doing an illegal act?

The Smoker: I'm well aware of what the law says and if I choose to break it that's my prerogative. What I have issues with is you publishing my picture without my permission.

Did you get permission from GO Transit to smoke in designated non-smoking areas?

The Smoker: Don't make this about the smoking. It's clear what you're trying to do but you're doing it at the expense of people's reputations.


The Smoker: Fuck you.

Well, you just lost all credibility with me. Swearing makes me lose all respect for you (not that I had much to begin with). You do know that a GO Transit station is a public place. I don't need to ask your permission. Period. You didn't ask for my permission to smoke and you most certainly don't ask the people around you for permission to smoke before you light one up, do you?

The Smoker: You know I can sue you, right? My friend works for a law firm. Apparently I've got grounds.

Do you see any ads on my website? Any membership fees? I'm not profiting from your cancer habit.

The Smoker: So it's a thing against smokers right? I have a RIGHT to smoke.

And I have a right to point out that you're breaking the law. So we're even.

The Smoker: You'll be hearing from my lawyer.

Man, if I had a dollar for every time I was told that.

The Smoker: I mean it. Take the picture off. And I'm calling GO Transit to complain.

LOL! Really? You expect them to be sympathetic? Let alone tell me what to do? LOL Have you even read my site? Newsflash. NO ONE CARES but at the same time, why point out that you're breaking a by-law and supply photographic evidence as well?

The Smoker: Whatever. I'm still calling. I'm sure this little web operation of yours will be shut down within the week.

Web operation? Who are you? Dr. Evil?

You gonna point a huge laser at Google's Blogger server and fire a missile?

No answer, huh? Well, have a great day. Thanks for writing.


Squiggles said...

Bet he's the one flipping the bird at the camera.

And as most of the pics were re-posted and/or cited with Michael's letter, it was only brought to the Smoker's attention.

But really, I think you need to consult with Howard on this one.

C.J. Smith said...

Howard Bigfird will not be amused and of course, he's gonna stick me with another big bill or do what he did last time I didn't pay which was leave a pool of vomit near my front door.

The law clerk bunch said...

Your website is a huge hit here at our prominent Bay Street firm. Rest assured, you have no worries. No need to ask Howard whose probably busy licking his balls anyway. 8-)

Tim K. said...

Thanks for pointing out that I can smoke pretty much where I want on GO property. I used to make a point of smoking near my car and it used to piss me off to see smokers on the platform because here I am, being good. But fuck it. If GO doesn't give a shit, then I'm smoking on the train. Screw the platform. I'm gonna smoke all the way to work. I mean, really, after today's posting, is there even a line?

jan (1st time commenting) said...

I suspect this is the woman in the photo smoking near the woman with the baby in the carriage.

a) You're breaking a by-law. You deserve to have the book thrown at you.

b) Second hand smoke is dangerous for small children whose lungs are still developing. You should be charged with child endangerment.

I really hope GO Transit does start cracking down on this. I'm sick of it, too.

And Tim, you're not helping. I see your point but don't enable these idiots.

Dan-1 said...

I love those "My best friend's cousin is a lawyer and Imma sue you" people...

1) Public property, no need to ask permission to take photos/post (unless using them for TV commercials, selling products, etc). You get caught doing something against the law in public, don't go sucking out if someone happens to get a photo of it. Man up to your actions.

2) Calling GO Transit to complain about what some private citizen does on their blog, way to waste your time buddy! Don't forget to call Rob Ford, The Star, PRESTO and Metrolix too and waste their time!

ExGOnowTTC said...

Don't forget to fart, clip your toenails, put on your makeup and perfume, stink, eat smelly food and talk about your intimate bodily functions.
Then email CJ and accuse her of working for GO.

Anonymous said...

Notable quote from:

“Bottom line……… if it is viewable to the public, I see nothing wrong with taking a picture of it.” - Superintendent Dave Pickford, Windsor Police Service

lswgirl13 said...

I've got no problem with Tim. Seems to me he's just pointing out that GO doesn't give a crap what people do.
I too just love the "I know a lawyer" people. Don't we all. Knowing one and paying one is a whole different ball game though!

David said...

I looked over the ol'charter ( don't see anything about smoking being a right.

Anonymous said...

...Eheh, also, this person doesn't seem to realize that THEY are the ones breaking a by-law and THEY will get nailed for it. Lol!

Anonymous said...

some interesting links

Kathy said...

Well now we know how to get to these morons - post pictures and call them out! Please, let's not stop...

Hopefully one day their fear of "reputation damage" (wtfLOL) will overtake their lack of decency, and they'll simply stop smoking in public places.

Bicky said...

Funniest thing I read today... hands down! Gosh I love when the guilty get all indignant. Again, I say, don't want to get called out? Don't do it!!!

Boo hiss to GO for not enforcing the bylaws.

Anonymous said...

I'm a journalist. Anybody in a public place has no expectation of privacy. You are legally entitled to take their photo and use it on your site.

deepfish said...

Squiggles: Nah, the guy flipping the bird doesn't impress me as the commnicative kind. Too primal and direct. I doubt Mr. Middle Finger knows the word "prerogative" or could find how to text with a roadmap and a four year headstart

Jan: From all appearances, the kid in the carriage was the smoker's. The other woman was smoking too IIRC. You can't buy class like that - you have to absorb it through years of exposure - like cigarette smoke.... poor kid.

Kathy: I intend to continue. Right now the camera I generally use is being used by my love to document renovations at a job she is doing, but I'll get back next week. Wish I had it yesterday morning - smokers were everywhere, and not an enforcement person to be found.

Others: Thanks so much for the helpful links, some are familiar to me, others less so, all helpful.

C.J.: Thanks much for your good office in doing this. YOu are awesome.

Agent Q said...

I didn't realize you were running an operation here. Because I follow this site daily does that mean I am a part of this operation? Where do I sign up for the cool spy gadgets? You know, the watch with a hidden camera, the pen that is really a small chainsaw that can be used on the foot riders, etc.

C.J. Smith said...

Ah, au contraire, Agent Q
I found an Android app called "Spy Camera" that lets a person take pictures discreetly from any android device. No shutter. And doesn't show the image on the screen. Instead, the viewfinder is a tiny little widget.
It's pretty neat.
So yes, you could say we're a spy operation.
We voyeur for bad behaviour.

Harith said...

I'm tempted to start a tumblr called "being a moron in public" or something to that effect, posting photos of people doing stupid crap like smoking where they shouldn't.

And then enjoying the hate mail from the exposed.

Anonymous said...

He really thinks Go Transit gives two chit about a blog? They don't even give two chit about smokers, footriders and crazy drivers who can't park what they drive... Right, Go Transit really cares!

And he has grounds to sue, yeah but where is the damage? His nasty smoking habit is HIS OWN DAYUM FAULT! Period. I wonder if he can sue himself? Perhaps his parents for bad DNA or lack of education?

Anonymous said...

If this guy attempts to sue then let him. I hope he realizes that he will lose badly once he finds out that taking pictures in public is legal. When you're in public, you have NO expectation of privacy. Imagine if this same guy was robbing someone and someone took his picture for evidence. No consent required here.

If someone like him dropped the expletive, I would be jumping this guy very quickly