Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You're hot then you're cold

Text message from 905626XXXX
Apr 24 2012 8:52 AM

Can you tell me how I get to GO Transit?
HELLO? Please write back to
I'm on Front Street. I can see the CN Tower. Am I close?

Me> Warm

Hello? Oh good! Where is Bay Street!!!

Me> Do you still see the CN Tower?


Me> Still warm.

Huh? Which way is Bay?

Me> Walk away from the CN Tower.

Which way?

Me> Walk far enough so that it looks smaller instead of bigger.

Do I walk right or left of the CBC building?

Me> Oh, you're cold. Real cold.

I really need to find GO Transit. My daughter left her iPhone on a train yesterday morning and they have it at Lost and Found.

Me> Okay. What's the address?

For what?

Me> For GO Transit

Isn't this GO Transit???

Me> Nope.

My daughter told me to text this number if I get lost.

Me> How old is your daughter?


Me> And she sent you downtown to get her phone?! Does she not have legs?

She's in school.

Me> And what do you do all day?

I work.

Me> Did you have to leave work or be late to work to pick up this phone?

Yes. Why? Please. Can you just tell me how to get there?

Me> Okay, are you still  facing the CBC?


Me> Is the lake behind you?

I can't see. I think so

Me> Okay, is the CN Tower behind you?


Me> Okay, turn right and walk east.


Me> What kind of phone you got?


Me> Huh? So, you can't use Google Maps? It should be built into your phone. Don't those things talk to you? Can't you just speak into it and say "Find me GO Transit?" ... and it grows Go-Go-Gadget Legs, picks you up and carries you to your destination?


Me> Never mind. I thought iPhones could do just about anything. I mean, have you seen the commercials?!

I don't see how the phone can tell me where to go

Me> Just walk until you get to Bay Street. Once you get to Bay Street, turn right and go south. You'll see doors into Union Station. You can ask anyone wearing a GO Transit uniform to point you to lost and found.

Okay. Can I text you again if I get lost.

Me> You won't get lost. You have an iPhone.

Okay. Wish me luck.


Squiggles said...

Curious. I wonder A) where she works and B) how she gets there. Because anyone who takes GO and the TTC knows where Union station is. In fact, many drivers only knows where it is.

Plus, at 20 years old, the kid is old enough to haul ass to Union to pick up her phone. And it might teach her to take care of her things if she needs to be responsible for them.

C.J. Smith said...

I suspect she was looking for GO head office.
But Union would have been too easy ...

C.J. Smith said...
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matt said...

With all the iphone and go-go-Gadget legs, your blog reminded me of this:

Skin Man said...

I loved the sincerity/desperation of the texter. That person must have been in a panic to not rise to the bait.

I was particularily tickled when you took pity on the poor sod, and actually explained how to get there, but then threw in the go-go gadget legs part!

Awesome text exchange!!!! Brightened my otherwise dreary day. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Technology is just lost on some people. She does not deserve an I-phone.

Dan-1 said...

I can't believe people don't bother looking up where places are before they leave their house to go to them.

It seems technology just makes many people stupider.

Go Go Gadget 3rd hand facepalm.