Thursday, May 29, 2014

Does GO Transit ticket or tow colleagues?

@dboydd via Twitter


Anonymous said...

ouch! That is a good question. I wonder if GO transit is going to deal with their company vehicles parking illegally.

Conflict-of-interest you say?

George said...

How about finding out why the van is parked there before judging?

That looks like a work van so I'll wager they were doing repairs or maintenance and don't want to have to lug stuff back and forth from the station.

How long was it there for? Minutes, hours? So easy to jump to conclusion when all the facts aren't known.

Anonymous said...

Don't stations have specified spots for company related parking? Like somewhere in the bus loop.

Can I park in no parking zone because I don't want to walk 500 metres to the platform so it's less of an effort when I lug my purse, bags and body?

It's obvious who YOU work for George.

George said...

No it isn't. I just don't jump to conclusions like you do apparently.

You can park anywhere you like, I don't care since I bus it into a station.

So got any theories as to why it was parked there or are you going to assume the worst regardless of what the situation actually was?

And no, there is no special parking at every station because there is none at the one I use. what station is this? Got any clues at all?