Friday, May 23, 2014

Pushy commuters. Swearing in public. Why 'social thuggery' needs to stop

Everywhere we go these days, it seems we’re being told to mind our manners. In Calgary and Vancouver, the transit authorities have recently launched etiquette campaigns. Aside from not sharing seats with the elderly, apparently some people need reminding that the bus is unsuitable for toenail clipping.

Movie theatres come with the suggestion to save your chatter and texting for after the show. Recently, in the food court of the World Exchange Plaza in Ottawa – a place populated by lawyers and accountants (and a Globe bureau) – a Thai restaurant posted signs warning, “Abusive language and behaviour will not be tolerated” because customers were getting “hangry,” as the staff called it, when asked to wait their turn or throw away garbage.

As employee Jess Froment put it, “It’s just pad Thai. You don’t need to be so scary.”



Bicky said...

Totally awesome article!

Taylor said...

I see bad behavior all the time. Last night my neighbour was hurling profanities at me because (according to him) I cut my grass wrong.

Valentino Assenza said...

Great article, and I totally want to read that book. If your office has a book club this would probably be a good one to suggest considering the myriad of people that commute.

Squiggles said...

I think I will be trying to get my hands on that book and somehow add it to the overflowing To Read pile.

As well, I really love the idea of "web slapping".

And we need to learn that peer pressure is ok in the public space sharing scenarios.