Friday, May 30, 2014

People complaining to me about provincial candidates hocking their party platform at the GO station - it's allowed - sorry - I've bolded the part you care about


Candidates or their representatives may request access to Metrolinx facilities, including GO Transit, Eglinton Crosstown and Union Pearson Express facilities, during an election campaign.

Metrolinx will be applying the following principles in managing these requests, to ensure the safety and convenience of the travelling public, avoid conflicts and place reasonable parameters around access:

  • At our Lakeshore East and West line stations, there will be a limit of 8 campaign staff members per candidate
  • For stations on all other lines, a maximum of 4 campaign staff members will be allowed
  • Please see below the list of stations and respective maximum permitted campaign staff members per candidate.

GO Transit customers tend to arrive at stations a short time before scheduled train or bus departures. Care needs to be taken to avoid causing congestion or delays for customers to board their desired trains or buses.

Candidates and their representatives must remain outside of restricted areas or the "fare-paid" zones, such as train platforms.

Metrolinx will not be approving or reviewing the content of flyers and like materials. We do require that candidates and their staff take all materials with them at the end of a "meet and greet" session as our stations do not have the capacity to display or otherwise store such materials without affecting operations and customer safety.

In addition to "meet and greet" requests, from time-to-time, Metrolinx has been asked to accommodate campaign events at one of our facilities. Permission must be sought in advance for this. In reviewing requests, Metrolinx will consider the following:

  • Safety is our first priority; venues will only be considered where the safety of the public, employees and event participants can be ensured
  • Events cannot impact the operational activities of Metrolinx, GO Transit or any of the other transportation authorities using our facilities
  • Costs will be borne by event organizers
  • Metrolinx staff, including staff of GO Transit, PRESTO and UP Express, cannot participate in any event, except to ensure safety and security

For any questions you may have about access to Metrolinx property, please contact Tom Aylward-Nally at 416-202-5976 or


Squiggles said...

I am surprised people didn't know that it was allowed. In all reality, how is this different from people handing out free samples or the Police handing out Safety literature during various campaigns?

In fact, the incumbent in my area has been known to greet people at the station one day a year (not during elections) and hand out cookies as a "Thank You". Of course, he doesn't like me because I asked how much that cost me as a tax payer.

Bicky said...

There's only been one candidate for my riding at the GO station in Whitby, so far.

I imagine the push will be on next week and we'll be flooded. Although, maybe they're there later in the morning.