Friday, May 30, 2014

"VIVA" Las Loser

from: DA
to: "C.J. Smith"
date: Wed, May 28, 2014 at 8:49 PM
subject: viva footrider

Hello CJ.

Been a loyal blog reader and wanted to make my first contribution and see whether its good for your blog.

On York Region's VIVA system, their seats aren't the hard ones typically found on public transit vehicles but this time they are the plush ones that you can sit on and doesn't feel hard. Well I came across this shot of a bad foot rider and I'll assume that York Region doesn't steam clean the seats every night and this is becoming an epidemic in York Region.

I could choose not to upload this photo to you today but given this woman's response, this takes the cake. I took the photo before I spoke to her just in case something were to go horribly wrong.

I actually spoke to this woman that the bottom of the shoes contains who-knows-what and if she and others were to put feet on seats then no one will sit on dirty seats. So in hind sight, I hope she would at least understand that feet doesn't belong on seats. I was speaking in a polite manner. At first she complied and hope all-is-well.

Then 10 minutes later, she still put her feet back on the seats the same way even though I was sitting directly across from her. I could have taken a 2nd photo but there's no point since it was the same as the initial encounter.


Jules said...

I am convinced many people are raised by wolves, no social grace whatsoever.

Bicky said...

Pretty soon "bus pants" will need to be replaced by hazmat suits.

Squiggles said...

Actually, JulieBean, wolves have a highly developed social structure and those that deviate from it are punished. Therefore, this "person" has not been raised by wolves, but has been deemed "special" and "important" and therefore thinks this behaviour is acceptable.

Jules said...

True enough Squiggles, I guess that was an insult to wolves everywhere.