Monday, May 26, 2014

Don't you hate it when you lose your bag of contraband cigarettes on the train?

Why this can be so tragic (cost, it's the cost).

Photo courtesy of Valentino A


Valentino Assenza said...

The most disturbing thing about this is that i didn't want to touch it, so I took a picture and made my way to the car where the CSA was, and he must have been having a bad night. He sounded half asleep on stop announcments, but when I told him what I saw and showed him a picture he looked at me and said "so what do you want me to do about it?"

When I told him that there are kids that come on the train and they could possibly take it, who knows where it's from, or if it can do harm to someone? He said "it's not like we're gonna take anything into evidence,I'll likely go there and throw it out, anyone can do that, it doesn't have to be me."

I'm just wondering how does one become a Customer Service Ambassador? I know I would do a kick ass job, I'd be way better than that guy.

MATT said...

Let's be realistic here. You didn't find a bag of cocaine. If you found a pack of cigarettes, rather than a ziploc baggie, would you have gone to the CSA asking him to come riding in like Zorro?

Anonymous said...

I would have Kijiji'd those!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Lost and Found bitches!!!

Valentino Assenza said...


I guess if I saw a pack of cigarettes just lying about on a train I'd assume the pack was empty and that somebody just littered.

This was a ziploc bag with a bunch of cigarettes in plain site. Overall, I think what you're saying in the big scheme of things isn't indeed that big a deal. Thank you for adding the exageration element to my initial comment. It's not like I came in pounding my chest about to press the yellow strip, I calmly made my way there knowing my stop was coming up, and casually told him. I didn't in fact expect the CSA to ride in like Zorro (but that was good, thanks), I did perhaps expect the CSA to not act like I was disturbing him from his nap.

A cigarette pack would at least tell you about the carcenogens that are in the contents of the cigarette, the ziploc bag didn't quite have those details. Who knew if it was just tobacco in those cigarettes or if something else was laced in there. Who knows if a pack of some young guys on the train (which isn't all that uncommon) who have had a few drinks saw the bag and "score!" And it was more than tobacco in there?

You're right, my worst case scenario speculation could very well be insane. I truly wonder though if a woman holding her child's hand went to the CSA rather than some ominous fat guy like me if he might have at least acted the part of his job. But who knows.

Deb said...

I took my kids to the ex once. While the train was dull and the doors about to close on our coach, this guy standing near the doors casually shrugged off his backpack and let he fall to the floor. Then he stepped off just as the doors close. I froze. Started thinking fast. As the train pulled away, the guy just at stood on the platform until I lost sight of him. I didn't touch the bag. I took my kids and went to find the on board GO rep. When I told him what I saw and how suspicious it seemed and asked if the bag could be checked out. I was told not to worry about it. We got off at Mimico. No way I was standing on that train. I sure had hoped GO had retrained their employees. Guess not. Valentino raises some good points.

Subliminal said...

Takes a picture of the cigarettes to the train guy INSTEAD of the cigarettes...WOW
Puts it on the internet... DQ WOW

All I see is Cape Fail.

There is room for improvement here all round.

Valentino Assenza said...


"Cape Fail." I love it. (may I please use it some time?)

I'm surprised you're so easily impressed with a picture of a ziploc bag of cigarettes being put on the internet. I'm sure we've not seen anything more outlandish than that. Temper tantrums, fights, guys under trains for no apparent reasons, you're right, my taking a picture of contraband cigarettes and putting it on the internet is so out there, even Salvador Dali would be confused.

Just an FYI, it was not touched by several people. Not just me. It was right by the door seen by several, and not touched. I guess people had reservations about touching/handling an ominous bag of contraband cigarettes, cause I mean we see that everyday.

C.J. Smith said...

I don't think I'd pick it up myself and carry it anywhere. I posted Valentino's pic to the site because it's not something you see everyday, plus they're illegal so it's not an average pack of smokes. If I saw a bag of cocaine or meth, I wouldn't touch it either and yeah, I'd probably photograph it.

Unknown said...

These are probably Reservation Cigarettes... healthier for you that store bought ones.
We don't use things like Lead 210 in our tobacco.

Subliminal said...

If I saw that I would pick it up and drop it off with the train guy/gal as I've done many times before or the station if I don't pass them.
Too many people I have known have died smoking them and I don't want a youngster picking them up on my conscience either.
Do the right thing and blog later is my point.
Community policing is not beneath all of us commuters.
I prefer to follow this path.

CJ: You have the power to create both positive and negative Awards

I understand footriders bad but not unknown illegal contraband left for fools and children for the sake of a blog topic.
Stoke the flames in the direction you wish.

Valentino: You're wearing the Cape in the wrong direction

I'm sorry but I have some personal experience on this subject and strongly disagree.
Its hard to just be a reader sometimes. Carry on.

C.J. Smith said...

Shots fired!!!
Ok. Maybe I might have picked them up but I'm not ashamed to admit probably not. But we all see your point here... it's not lost on me.