Thursday, May 8, 2014

Went to bed angry. Woke up even angrier.

It didn't matter how many rounds of Angry Birds Friends I played during my 1 hour and 20 minute commute this morning, I continued to rage.

I raged all the way up Yonge Street. I raged in line at Starbucks and I'm still raging as my fingers fly across the keyboard.

Last night, I was accused in a tweet (along with another user) of spreading rumors on Twitter about how Metrolinx conducts its social media initiatives.

The tweet has since been deleted.

I did no such thing. I defended myself and proved I wasn't spreading anything. I found the tweet from earlier in the day that triggered responses from other Twitter users who questioned if a tweet sent by @PRESTOcard that read, "Ontario's election campaign is underway. We're here to answer your questions, but will be a bit quieter than normal" meant that Twitter accounts for Metrolinx and its subsidiaries, GO Transit and PRESTO, were outsourced and not handled internally. The manager of Metrolinx's media relations stepped in to assure those folks that Metrolinx and its subsidiaries handle all tweeting for their agencies in-house.

I know this. I've always known this.

I got into a Twitter discussion with another user about the recent vote conducted by Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1587 (the union that represents 1170 GO Transit employees) who announced members have voted in favour of taking job action against GO Transit if issues are not addressed in collective bargaining. This could mean possible disruptions in service for GO Transit passengers. The person I was tweeting with mentioned that Metrolinx wouldn't provide comment. I then mentioned the earlier @PRESTOCard tweet and the outsourcing accusation. Then the shit started to fly and I got royally pissed off.

(If you want a chuckle, check out this link - the government of Ontario has issued the same notice that @PRESTOcard tweeted for all of its agencies to tweet. Translation: Go ahead and chat them up but don't mention the election).

These are trying times for the government agency that is Metrolinx. Their boss is seeking re-election. People are chomping at the bit to make PRESTO an election issue (which explains the tweet from @PRESTOcard plus other government agencies) and over a thousand of its GO Transit employees are threatening job action.

Don't take your stress out on me.


Anonymous said...

I follow you on Twitter. I see what you did there...

C.J. Smith said...

What did I do?

Outburst said...

You're asking good questions. They will tell you otherwise, but a bureaucrat's prime concern is never transparency, you have to wring that out of them.

Anonymous said...

You didn't name names. That's what I saw what you did.

George said...

The more grilling the gov't gets, the better I like it.

Keep grilling using those tough questions Twitter users. Hold their feet to the fire and turn the heat up.

Since Wynne and fellow conspirators should beout the door soon, watch them wiggle and squirm or just plain ignore the questions.

FRED said...

I think it's quite obvious who accused you and Michael Suddard of spreading rumors.

Squiggles said...

Ok. I am confused. I have a twitter account, but have used it once. When I first set it up. So, really, most of this is beyond me.

Is the issue that Anne Marie responded that the tweets are in house? Did this cause people to jump all over you guys because people thought you said it came from an outside source?

Bicky said...

I have got to get on Twitter! I'm missing all the action!

Actually, I believe I saw the same message come from GO Transit on their Facebook feed - about it being quieter than usual because of the election.

C.J. Smith said...


Squiggles said...

Thank you for the clarification.

And yes, completely inappropriate. These people need to start actually reading instead of glimpsing at entries.

Michael Suddard said...

"quite obvious who accused you and Michael Suddard of spreading rumors."

Yes it is, and then she deleted her tweet to go a long with it to cover her "political" tracks which would be in violation of:

Hence this tweet claiming it wasn't repeating a rumour but just a check of the truth.

Metrolinx writes their own tweets for both Prestocard and their own accounts. Pretty obvious they write their own as no professional marketing / PR company would touch the Prestocard fiasco with a 10 foot poll after not answering questions on cracked cards for so long and then erupting with this classic:

"Pls direct your questions to appropriate department rather than media relations. Thx"

This last one was even after a key media contact referred us to her and she answered some previous questions.

Can't wait for tomorrow on Twitter, will there be a #FacePalmFriday?