Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Life flashes before woman's eyes as she battles an express train for her bag

These amazing shots showed up on Twitter this morning posted by Twitter user @Owais_Q who was at Rouge Hill GO station yesterday afternoon.

This woman had dropped her bag on the track and tried to retrieve it while an express train was approaching, scaring the crap out of others standing nearby.

After the train rushed past, her fellow commuters helped to collect what was left of her bag and its contents.

I would never encourage anyone to jump down onto the tracks, not without notifying GO Transit Security (905-803-0642 or 1-877-297-0642) first, who can assist by working with transit control to delay or stop train traffic (VIA and GO). In this situation, no one thought to do that.

Everyone in this story is okay but having worked with GO Transit Security when seeking comment on other issues and stories, I can't stress enough the importance of involving them, especially if you drop something valuable on the tracks.

Don't just jump down. Go into the station or make the call and wait for instructions.


Squiggles said...

Wow. To think that she deemed the bag more valuable than her life. And that is what it came down to.

Glad everything turned out ok and hopefully people learnt a very important lesson.

Bicky said...

She's very lucky to be okay. That could have gone so horribly wrong.

But how did she drop her bag there in the first place? This is why you need to stand back of the yellow line.

Anonymous said...

I hope this passenger in question better not do this again.

If she hasn't learned her lesson, then let Darwin take care of the rest.

cncndr said...

As a freight train conductor, I absolutely HATE when people stand so close to the tracks at GO platforms when we come whipping by at 50-60 MPH. One afternoon I was coming back from Buffalo with empty auto carriers for Oakville, we approached the Burlington GO Station on track three at 50 MPH to see the platform crowded and people standing on the yellow line next to the tracks. They all thought it was the eastbound GO from Aldershot but nope a hot shot freight train blowing right through, scared a lot of people that day since everyone began to scramble to get out of the way. Let that be a lesson.


Anonymous said...

I don't it matters where you stand (but of course always be behind the line). I dropped my phone once and watched it skid across the platform and onto track 13 at Union last week. This guy went and got for me before I could tell him to hang on. Mind you, at Union, during rush hour, the trains aren't roaring past and he did look before he hopped down.

Anonymous said...

It's great that people take the time to take pictures and/or video these kind of accidents waiting to happen.

Not quick to lend assistance but sure as hell will record the event.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention they could all be fined....

Valentino Assenza said...

I know that I am likely going to look like a prick, but I would not have helped this woman collect her stuff. Besides I don't think collecting a few remnants from this clumsiness covers up any embarassment.

How did her bag end up on the tracks in the first place?

I'm always paranoid of those VIA/Amtrak trains that whip by so fast so I stay way the heck back from the yellow line, and depending on the day, will either be carrying a knapsack over my shoulders or a small messenger bag.

So far(knock on wood) none of my bags have fallen onto the tracks. Perhaps one day if I am feeling insane I might play "Catch The Knapsack" with a stranger standing on an opposite platform, and that may have a chance of happening, but I am still not getting how her bag ended up on the track? Perhaps it was one of those carry-on bags that she was carting while texting or looking at her phone, but I again, if that was the case any sympathy or empathy on my part can only go so far because a) believe it or not it actually pays to look at where you're going, and b) BAGS ARE MEANT TO BE CARRIED, NOT WHEELED!

Jules said...

I always see people walking down the crowded platforms on and over the yellow lines, it make me feel queasy as many times they will do this as the train is pulling into the station, it's like people taking stupid risks while driving it only takes once for that risk to become a tragedy, the odds aren't worth it. Not sure how her bag ended up on the tracks but no one should have jumped onto the tracks without letting GO security know.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have just stood there and taken pictures.
Karma is coming for people that do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Darwin's execptions.. I guess her bag is more important than her life. People need to start thinking before acting. If this was during rush hour, I wouldnt step on the tracks to help her, lots of trains come through at that time............

Anonymous said...

To those who deemed it "shameful" not to help this woman, what would you suggest?
If you contact her physically she might pull back (into the train) or possibly push YOU into the train.
Nobody should approach an irrational individual who is inches from a speeding train.
Give your head a shake!