Friday, May 30, 2014

Uncommon courtesy on the TTC

from: NS
to: CJ Smith
date: Thu, May 29, 2014 at 5:06 PM
subject: Holy shit! It DOES happen!

So this happened on the eastbound TTC Bloor-Danforth line at 5 pm today. All three seats vacated for the lady in the wheelchair. Not even a commotion! It was like Moses parting the Red Sea! Dumbfounded I tell you...feel like I should buy a lotto ticket!


Squiggles said...

Wow. Mark the day in your calendars, because it probably won't happen again.

Valentino Assenza said...

I think one of the worst incidents I ever saw on the TTC when it came to not giving up a seat was one night I was coming from Bay subway station.

A younger guy say early 20's was standing at the door near an older/elderly woman, when the doors parted he barely gave enough time to for people to get out, and then gunned for an available seat that he spotted.

The older lady walked toward him and looked at him, but he never made eye contact with her. Then loudly so that everyone could hear, the older lady said:

"You know back in my day, a young punk would offer his seat to a lady."

The everyone turned around to look, and the young guy looked up and finally faced the older/elderly woman.

With a smirk he said:

"Fine, show me a lady and I will offer my seat to her."

Of course after that, there were several people that had something to say to the young guy, lady included.

He got off at Broadview, but it was interesting that total strangers, myself included still debated this until I got off at Main.

There were two sides that were arguing. One side of course was for the elderly lady, that the guy should have just left the seat alone and let her have it.

The other side was it was just as uncalled for the lady to loudly call out the guy a "punk" and embarassingly chastise him for what he did. She could have just as easily politely asked for the seat.

The young guy sprinted for that available seat knowing an elderly lady had her eye on it as well, but it's not like people that were already in the subway car sprang up when the elderly lady lost the seat to the kid.

The whole discussion progressed passenger rights vs. women's rights, and feminism, and hating on men. I just maintained that the kid should have let her have the seat, but at the same time after so many people saw what happens, someone else could have offered her the seat.

Unknown said...

He was a punk. Anyone under 30 who sots while am elderly person is standing is a punk. I am not saying people 30-60 should be given a seat automatically... but someone obviously eldery deserves the respect.
That's the manners most people in my generation were taught.

Unknown said...

What about invisible disabilities? People under 30 may require a seat. Not fair to judge, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Same day on OC Transpo, MP Maurice ("Belinda Stronach's a whore") Vellacott taking up a courtesy seat. leaving mothers of young children to stand.

And yes, he could have moved to nearby vacant seats.
How are those FAMILY VALUES working for you, Moe?