Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Metrolinx sets some ground rules for campaigning at GO Stations

At Oshawa, regardless of what election is happening, I like to yell out that I live in Courtice to the candidates running for Oshawa (the federal incumbent is Colin Carrie - his website wants your name, email address and postal code before you can even check him out - the hell?) I don't know who to expect to see at the Oshawa GO station in the weeks leading up to the federal election and I don't care, BECAUSE I LIVE IN COURTICE.

Metrolinx, on the other hand, DOES care, and they've got some rules you should know if you feel things are getting out of hand.

Metrolinx will be applying the following principles in managing (campaigning), to ensure the safety and convenience of the travelling public, avoid conflicts and place reasonable parameters around access:
  • At our Lakeshore East and West line stations, there will be a limit of 8 campaign staff members per candidate
  • For stations on all other lines, a maximum of 4 campaign staff members will be allowed
  • GO Transit customers tend to arrive at stations a short time before scheduled train or bus departures. Care needs to be taken to avoid causing congestion or delays for customers to board their desired trains or buses.
  • Candidates and their representatives must remain outside of restricted areas or the "fare-paid" zones, such as train platforms.
Further information is available on Metrolinx's website.

Here's how I felt about the 2010 Oshawa mayor race... check out my sign. I printed that puppy out and gave it to the candidates. It was gold.


Nora1968 said...

Oh boy - does that mean there could be as many as 24 representatives all vying for the attention of harried Oshawa GO passengers (many of whom, as you note, don't even live in Oshawa)?

My only saving grace is that I'm typically on the 6:10 train in the morning - I don't recall seeing too many political types waiting for me at that hour during the provincial election so maybe I'll be spared.

And oh yes - someone should tell these folks two things: 1) if my hands are full with a cup of coffee/tea, purse and computer bag, I won't be putting these items down so I can take the flyer you're aggressively thrusting in my face, and 2) train departure times are posted. Learn them and if someone is clearly racing to make a train that leaves in 3 minutes or less, LEAVE THEM ALONE!

C.J. Smith said...

I have never once been interested in speaking to candidates while I am heading to the train, even if there were any representing Durham. I need to go to work.

Most of us headed to the train don't leave 10 minutes of time to just hang out on the platform and those of us arriving by bus only have 5 to 7 minutes to spare.

I think the GO station is the WORST place to campaign. Yet, these suckers show up. At night, they just get trampled.

If they were smart, they'd show up with free food because nothing will stop a GO commuter in their tracks than free food. Stamp your name and campaign website URL on the package and you've done your job.

Squiggles said...

Yes, free food goes a long way. But if a politician is handing it out, they do not like it when asked who paid for it.

The Provincial incumbent in my area just stood there one morning not certain how to answer that question.

Then again, people will grab and toss anything in the morning, just to make their train.

C.J. Smith said...

How about I paid for it myself??? Just like anyone asks who pays for magnets and buttons. I'd rather eat the item than stick it on my fridge!

Can't remember who it was, he handed out peppermint patties with his name and URL on it. Everybody took one! Mike something ...

Bicky said...

There's not too many politicians at Whitby at 5:45 in the morning, when I'm arriving for my train at 5:53. Glad to see there's been some parameters set.

Stacey Leadbetter handed out cookies with her name on them when she ran in a few elections. People took them.

And it's Colin Carrie, not Currie. Just an FYI.

C.J. Smith said...

Best typo ever?
(it's fixed)

Bicky said...

I always hesitate to point them out...

C.J. Smith said...

I don't take it petsnally.

Bicky said...


Nora1968 said... food...... :-)

But even so, better get it to commuters in the morning, rather than try to interrupt the mad dash to the car/bus when people are trying to get home!