Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dave and Bob, the guys who install PRESTO machines, have a poem they'd like to share

From Anonymous

"Say, Dave, the Bay Concourse closed today"
"That it did, Bob. A historic occasion"
"I think some kind of commemoration is in order, Dace"
"As a matter of fact Bob, the communications department were asking for contributions. Something between a tweet and a press release"
"I'll get right on it, Dave"


'Twas in the year of '78
 GO Transit's decade two just started
That Bay Concourse operations did commence
 So passenger flows were parted
No more the Great Hall's lofty vaults
 For users of GO's trains that Fall
Such facilities were now assigned
 For those on turbo trains to Montreal

Commuters admired the stairs and walls
 Bedecked in avocado yellow
(Although it's possible history
 Has left colours much more mellow)
They welcomed now staircases two
 Leading to the subway stop
A passage cheered in later years
 With a portable hot dog shop

But alas, GO's subsequent growth
 From three lines up to seven
Meant those staircases broad
 No longer lead to heaven
Instead they jammed and got too full
 With throngs from trains two-decked
So satisfaction survey aims
 Forever stayed unchecked

And so a plan was devised
 It grew and then did hatch
To replace Bay Concourse with a pair
 On either side, to match.
The workers toiled and dug all round
 in front, beside, below
(But not above was soil dug
 Though ScotiaBank did go)

Then at the age of 37
 There came that fateful day
When no more could GO's passengers
 Pass through the Concourse Bay
Instead through teamways the travelers pour
And the concourse by York's own Street
Awaiting that far-off day
 When all works are complete

The lights are dimmed and silence reigns -
 the smell of buns of Cinn
Will ne'er welcome weary travelers
 And tempt with dietary sin
We bid farewell to Concourse Bay
  So long, farewell, adieu
And sincerely hope that your lofty son
 Will open before 2022.

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