Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Commuters Bar closed down June 30, 2011 and Choo Choo's Bar was gone by 2009. But what happens to the Cinnabon? The Bagel Stop? You asked, I found some answers

Back in late 2009 when David Miller, then mayor of Toronto, announced the plans for a "five-year revitalization project" of Union Station, businesses operating inside were weary of the news.

By 2011, almost all, including GO-GO Cleaners, Amuse-O-Matic Arcade, Leather One, Commuter's Bar and Choo-Choo's Bar had been told their time was up, according to letters from Redcliff Realty Management - the company that took over all the retail leases in 2010.

No one knows if any of the businesses shutting their doors by August 16 in the Bay Concourse will make a re-appearance over at York, or in 2017 (or 2018) when the Bay Concourse re-opens. What is known is that all of them were told in 2013 they were expected to vacate in 24 months. Some, according to this article in the Financial Post, chose to lease month to month, so they could vacate within 30 days.

With retailers leaving, new ones are expected to move in over at York, but not until 2016 (approximate date not known) when the retail concourse fully opens.

For now, hungry GO commuters will have to look to the PATH to fill their rumbling tummies.

Sorry, folks.


Error said...

2009 plus five equals 2017? Another project in overtime and overcost?
I kinda miss the miniature LCBO and the bathrooms, that everyone tried once and never used again.

Nahid said...

They better not get rid of Cinnabon. That smell is my favourite part of Union Station, and it's the last location left downtown!

Bicky said...

Sadly, most of the places in the RBC food court close late afternoon and are not open on the weekend.

Bill said...

Missed a few GO trains playing pinball in the Amuse-o-Matic Arcade. Good time memories!

Anonymous said...

By the time they finish it there will be no such thing and Cinnabons and 'fast food'. We'll all be robots and our meals will be small pills

Anonymous said...

Look at every food court/retail revitalization downtown in recent years (Eaton Centre, RBC Plaza, etc). When this reopens around 2020 or so, there will be no Union Fruit Market for a $1 bottle of water or casual seedy Commuters Bar. It'll be a bunch of $12 snacks at Aroma Café and Chipotle and a Drake General Store for all your last-minute overpriced hipster tourist swag.

C.J. Smith said...

Don`t confuse the UPX concourse with Bay.

What is going to appear in 2017 in Bay has not been determined. More than likely, fast food options will re-appear. The traffic and sales potential are there and franchisees will petition for space.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

You don't believe southern Ontario towns/cities will also be gentrified the same way every other place on the planet currently is?

paperpusher1 said...

I want to agree with Bicky and Nahid - the smell of the Cinnabon is AMAZING and I really wish there were more open in the RBC court are closed by 4 or 5 - but if you like sushi you can get a great deal for the end of day sale