Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pretty sure this is English... sadly, not many are reading it


Error said...

If people disregard warning signs, that's their problem.
Put out a wet floor sign and someone slips, they were adequately warned.
Put out a No Standing Zone sign and someone stands there, gets pulled under a train, they were adequately warned.
You can't always save people from their own stupidity.

Anonymous said...

If you're reading that sign you're standing too close to the edge

Anonymous said...

While I don't disagree, that's like saying, "OK, you 200 people, go into that 12' X 12' room and don't touch each other!"

They tell us not to stand in that area, yet they do things like put 2 rush-hour LSW trains on adjacent platforms (4 & 5) and have them show up within 1 minute of each other. 2,500 people on essentially one platform then "Do not stand here". On top of that, I'll often see the Transit "Safety" Officers standing within a few feet of people doing things that aren't safe but being too busy chatting amongst themselves or the crew to pay any mind. Are they only on-duty when they're riding the train?

Do the people standing there and making it difficult for me to pass by piss me off? Yes, of course. Is it yet another example of GO both doing unbelievably dumb things, making rules to compensate and then not enforcing those rules. You betcha.

C'mon people, quit being so self-absorbed, think of others, read the signs & follow the rules!

C'mon GO, please take your head out of your butt, give us a little respect, quit doing SO MANY dumb things and enforce the rules both for our safety and so that riding your system aren't so horrible!

C.J. Smith said...

Or people can just wait downstairs...

Anonymous said...

I think you need to stand on the track to read that sign...irony?

C.J. Smith said...

As the train rolls in or out, the signs are quite visible to passengers who are seated and who will eventually wind up on a platform at some point. This may have been the purpose of the positioning.

deepfish said...

The two GO strategies: 1) Put up signs that clearly tell people what to do, when they really physically can't do it. (Don't stand here, even if there's nowhere else to stand)
2) DON'T PUT UP SIGNS that clearly tell people what they can do (insist on smoke free areas/report smokers) when such could be effective.
3) Promise a safe and stress free experience, but don't invest in hiring more trained and informed enforcement officers at all.
4) Watch the money roll in until the inevitable law suit.