Friday, August 7, 2015

Passenger seeks help in finding Pandora braclet

Y'all remember the time when I left a brand new wallet on the train? One I bought for my husband's birthday?

It's the worst feeling when you lose something and knowing you might not get it back.

If you're familiar with this feeling then you understand the hope people have that whoever found it, returned it.

Maybe we can help out KU and get her Pandora bracelet back to her.

The bracelet has two heart charms (a clear and a pink one), a safety chain, a flower charm and a charm of a little girl and a little boy representing KU's two children.

It was lost on July 16th on the Lakeshore East line - the 8:16 am train going from Eglinton to Union station.

KU was seated in the middle of the train, one coach west of the accessibility coach.

She is positive she lost the bracelet while exiting the train at Union, which continued on to Aldershot.

If you found it, or turned it in, please contact

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