Tuesday, August 18, 2015

His wallet was le tired - we should cut him some slack

But wait, there's MOAR...

From SM

Thought I would share this pic of the jerk who got on my train this morning (8:25 Oshawa to Union) Promptly spread out and considered himself far more important than the rest of us.  Yup, even needed to spread out his arm & give his wallet somewhere to rest! Train is not full, but several loads of people have climbed the stairs & he hasn't so much as flinched. Crossed his feet at one point so much so that the sole of his shoe was almost touching my leg. I had to physically move. Wish I was more vocal...should tell him to get his feet down, but alas I do not deal well with confrontation.


Lori said...

If his wallet looked more like George Costanza's then I'd have sympathy for him. Seeing as it does not look like George's, the man is a douchebag.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

I never could understand people always "making themselves at home" in public places and commercial establishments.
You guys are OUT IN PUBLIC. The same "public" where there are drive-by shootings, road rage, abusive police officers, scam artists, identity thieves, air pollution, corrupt politicians, where folks get robbed, mugged, raped, die in car wrecks, are subject to tough and harsh laws, can't undress without getting in a lot of trouble, the same "public" where you go to work for "the man" to entitle yourself to a paycheck, or to visit your case manager if you're on public assistance. The same "public" where hospitals, doctors and dentists are located.
Another thing I find comical is the way so many people walk around in
sandals on the filthy city streets. One flooding downpour and they stand to lose their footwear. One should never feel "safe" enough to dress so freelance on the streets. At least wear tennis shoes if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I saw a guy running by the Skydome with no shirt on. All sweaty. Sure he was cut but really - who needs to see that? I almost bumped into him - yuk.