Tuesday, August 18, 2015

But will there be food?!

I'm better.

No fever. Just a headache. And symptoms similar to West Nile. Maybe it's West Nile again... yay me!

I'm back at work. I'm a trooper I tell you.

I have to say, it was pretty calm when I headed down into the York Concourse. A little congested at platform level... and the TSOs barking at us to stay behind the yellow line was a nice touch. Nothing like being hollered at like it's the first day of school and we need to line up for pencils.

Where was I? Oh yeah... food. People are PISSED that there's no food at York and no food will be available for some time, despite an exciting list that only Metrolinx has seen.

Someone asked me if I knew where Ballsack coffee was? True story.

Eventually Tim's will make an appearance followed by a few other pop-up food choices, but it probably won't be until next summer when you'll be able to buy a full breakfast after you exit the train.


Squiggles said...

That was poor planning. Have you seen the lineups at the places in the Bay Concourse? Of course people want food. And coffee. And whatever.

The fact that I have to schlep so much further out of my way for my coffee in the morning only makes me crankier. And at God-Awful O'Clock in the morning, cranky is a given.

C.J. Smith said...

^ Yep.

Two years they had to get it together. I'm no lawyer, but how long does it take to put a lease together and get it signed?

Nahid said...

All I want is a Cinnabon downtown again.

Squiggles said...

I wouldn't think it would take that long. I can see the spaces not being ready before the leases were signed. But that means they can only blame themselves for the tardiness.

This doesn't just impact GO people. Since Harvey's closed several years ago, this impacted the VIA people and just general tourists who cut through Union to get to various sites around the city.

Such poor planning. They should have known better.

Al said...

Balzac's coffee.

there is a truck that parks outside of union some mornings at the royal york between RBC plaza and Royal york.

that was the ballsacks coffee they were asking about. looks like a VW hippie wagon, converted to a food truck. coffee, lattes, macciato's etc....

Nahid said...

No, they were probably asking about Balzac's in the UPE Station.

Bicky said...

From the article: "By the time the market closes at the end of September, Aikins said both Tim Hortons and Pilot Coffee Roasters will have opened pop-up kiosks in the new concourse."

No waiting until next summer! So maybe by October/November/December, given how "on time" GO construction is.