Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I find it somewhat disturbing that considering it's illegal to get on a plane with so much as a toothpick that hundreds of commuters ride in an enclosed train traveling in excess of 100 kph where access to an axe, sledgehammer and saw are readily accessible to any nutjub capable of breaking plastic with a fist. What's to protect us? I don't think I would try to jump from a moving train should someone go postal one night. Or maybe I would ...

Am I the only one to think about how odd this is? How is this different from a plane? No offence to GO Transit. I understand why you want us to have access to these tools in an emergency but I find it incredible there's not been any concerns about people using these tools for the wrong reasons.

No, this wasn't a funny post. Yes, it is pretty dark but I had to ask.


TomW said...

If you really want to run amok with hand tools on a GO Train, you'd bring your own.

Anonymous said...

True, that kind of mental breakdown usually involves planning.

At least, should somone go postal, the positive part is commuters could access these tools to also protect themselves!

So it's all good in the end! Now, more funny please.

RonNasty said...

hmmm, seems to me that there are survivors when a train crashes. Can't say the same for plane crashes.